Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Supernatural Review

I like to read Dr. Heiser's books because they help me to find the answers I need as well as the fact that he answers many of the questions I've had over the years. While I've been wrong about some of the things I've wondered about, I've been right about many of them although there are those I know who don't believe me. As long I know the truth; that's what matters.
If you're curious about Psalms 82, and other such passages, but you don't want a more scholarly book then this is the book you need. If, however, you actually prefer to read scholarly books I would recommend Unseen Realm by the same author.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Unseen Realm Review

When I was growing up, I had so may questions about the Bible, among other things, that my favorite was "Why?" It seemed as if most people didn't have any answer, not even a guess as to why a thing was. I honestly think that sometimes, my parents, among others almost hated to see me coming because they just knew that I had questions.

So you can imagine my surprise and extreme excitement when I heard about Michael S. Heiser. At first, when I listened to part of a video, I thought BS! But then, I thought, wait a minute! I haven't even given him a chance so do I know he's wrong? So I went back, and man oh man am I glad I did. I have since bought 5 of his books.
I didn't realize it at first, but Supernatural and Unseen Realm are very similar, the difference being that Unseen Realm is for those with a more scholarly bent, and Supernatural is more for the lay person. I kept it rather than returning it for a refund because there might be something there for me. I'm still working on Unseen Realm, along with watching his videos and reading other books of his that I have.
For instance, he talks about Psalms 82:6 as well as John 10:34. I kept thinking about these passages from different points of view and none of them worked for me based on the context. Mike has a very good explanation which fits the way it should.
So if you have questions about things in the Bible that just seem to be out of place. You're ready and all of a sudden here's this verse that just jumps out of you and it's like, what the heck is that doing here? What does this mean? The Bible, I personally believe is written in layers, kinda like an onion. The deeper it gets, the more meat there is to eat. If you too have questions, read some of Mike's books, or articles on his blog, and watch his videos. They're very formative. And while Mike is a scholar, he  has a sense of humor and best of all, he doesn't talk down to people. That is very important to me.
Happy reading!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Naked Bible Postcast and the Green Bay Packers

One year my youngest daughter invited me to eat dinner with them at an apartment they had just rented. Now it use to be that I was a big sports fan and could tell you who would most likely win just by the name of the teams playing. For instance, the Packers can pack it in. Dolphins can swim faster than buffalo can run and for a longer distance. Week 16 of the season, the score was 34-31, Dolphins won. I don't watch sports much anymore, but for awhile, I was really into it. It's the same for horses. I went to a horse race in Lexington once on a date. Now it wasn't live, which was great for me since I have social phobia to a certain extent. My date gives me 2 dollars and tells me he wants me to bet on a certain horse. I said, he ain't gonna win. The date says, "Whaddya mean?" I said, this is who is going to be 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Of that's before I learned about first, place and show. I called it right, and if I'd had money with me, I would've bet and won $17,802.
Now, I look at Bible studies pretty much the same way. There are people who, God bless them, seem to just spout the same thing they've been taught but never once bother researching anything for themselves. Me? I like to know what people are really teaching, and if it makes sense in the scheme of things.
If you want to learn the Bible from a new but better perspective, then please go to http://www.nakedbiblepodcast.com/
Mike makes a lot of sense, and he answers many of the questions that I've had for years. I've had people get mad at me for the questions I've asked over the years. I guess my questions were just too deep. I enjoy listening to Mike, and I've already 4 of his books and he has 1 coming out in Feb or Mar of this year that I really want to get.
Happy reading!
And in case you're wondering:
What's the connection to The Naked Bible Podcast and the Packers? Oh, yeah, Mike likes the Packers. So do I.

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