Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Do You Feel Guilty? Then stop it!

Stop Feeling Guilty Accepting your limitations makes you stronger.

This is the headline on the cover of October 2014 Arthritis self-management magazine. I am not going to write about arthritis. I never read the article since I was leaving when I happened to see the headline. This headline fits so many circumstances that I was inspired to write my own article about it.
While there are plenty of things we can change about our lives, there are some things that just aren’t going to change regardless of how many hoops we try to jump through. We can’t please everybody, but we can sometimes help ourselves. If where you are right now is causing you so much stress that you’re having anxiety attacks, or worse, and may be interfering with your life, then you definitely need a change.
Stress seems to be on the rise and it definitely affects women more than men. I copied the chart below from the website. 1   
As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.  So if you are stressed out, please consider seeking help from your healthcare professional, an holistic healer, aromatherapy, meditation, yoga or any of the many ways of dealing with stress. Sometimes, it calls for a drastic change of scenery.
For instance, I’m so stressed out right now, that it’s a wonder that I’ve not had either a meltdown, or a heart attack. So…since I can’t change things here, I’m leaving here as soon as possible. Because I’ve lived with way too much stress most of my life and I certainly don’t need anymore.

Wanna make a change in your life? Learn how to silently influence others

NOTE: Please use this book responsibly.
When I was married, my husband was an abusive person. I divorced him. But at the time, I didn’t feel like I had any prospects to make things better, or even anyone to help me. I couldn’t drive, had no skills and no job. When we would go somewhere, with seemingly no indication he would backhand me. I learned early to read his body language, and yet sometimes I would miss a cue. I would sometimes sit in the seat with my hand clenched tightly in a fist, and I wondered why. I knew that I needed to calm down and not be so stressed, so one time I opened my hand and laid it down on my thigh palm-down. My stress level went way down.
The reason for telling you this story is simple. I know what I’m talking about when I say this book will help you. It may or may not save your butt from a physical attack, but it might. This book is actually more for business dealings, but as with anything in my life I have learned to adapt the principles and practices in other ways than in which is was meant. For instance, this book is for business, but would work equally well in a personal setting.
I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to know what those gestures mean. If you want to know how to be a person manager, employer, and employee; and hopefully make less mistakes, read the book. Learn how to read all those gestures and body language, so as to have a better overall picture.
 You can buy the book here:


What the Heck is Branding???

What, you haven’t heard of it? Sure you have, look at Coke, Pepsi, Converse, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, for instance. They’re all known for soda, tennis shoes, or books, or in the case of Amazon, the family of Kindles they have, as well as books.
But, branding is more than just a fancy logo or website. Do you realize how much work went into making those brands so big? There are people who cannot afford, right out of the starting gate to spend mega bucks on making a brand that everyone will know what it is. There is also more than just a design to consider. Brands are always evolving.
According to Ms. Busche, there are a number of things to take into consideration. In this book, according to Ms. Busche, “you will find instructions to build and measure 25 essential brand strategy ingredients, which include:
·       Name
·       Typography and Imagery
·       Landing page
·       Social media
·       Email lists
·       Press releases
·       Promotional videos
·       Blogging
·       Collateral
·       Slide decks …and more”(paraphrased)
This book also contains 100+ DIY branding tactics and case studies to inspire you. (Paraphrased) I believe you will enjoy this book and that it will definitely be helpful. I recommend this book to anyone who wishes to build a brand for whatever type of business you have or have in mind. As they say, the ball’s in your court. I believe you will be way ahead of the competition with this book when it comes to branding your business.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Where is today's church???

Ok, I can hear it now. What do you mean, where is today's church? AND, before you day a word, I KNOW the church is actually the people, and not a physical building. I mean, why is it that the church isn't doing it's job? If you think it is, then think again. Instead of concentrating on the major things that need to be fixed, the church is nitpicking. There is no other way to describe it.

Where I live, this is reputed to be the poorest county in Kentucky. There were drug deals going on in front of my porch until I stood on the porch a couple of times and said that if I saw anybody dealing drugs that I would call the police. I also said that if they want to be stupid and do drugs or deal, it's their business, but that it makes it look bad on me when they deal in front of my home. They stopped dealing so openly in front of my home. Thank the Lord!

And then there's the abuse, both of humans and animals. I even called the police because of three teens who were sitting in front of a business across from me, and one of the girls was picking up a dog, which looked like it was about a third grown, and literally slamming it down on the pavement. I told her to knock it off or I would call the police to which she responded."Call the police, you old bitch!" To which I responded, "I'm not that old." After which I looked up the number and called them. They came down and sent the teens home.
and then there is the subject of demons.

I personally think this is all a bunch of BS. I will address each concern, one at a time. First of all, Estill County doesn't have to be the poorest county in Kentucky. Why don't the churches, either singly of together, have a prayer circle and pray for the prosperity of this county and it's citizens? Satan will illegally come against families, their finances, their children, their health, the schools, the government entities such as city hall,, the police department and anything else to make things as hard as possible and hope that people will start to believe that Jesus isn't the answer. Ya gotta have faith that He told the truth, otherwise, we're all just wasting our time. I know that the church isn't telling and teach all the truth about God, Jesus and the Bible. It's mostly about money, power, control and politics. I know some people who call themselves preacher, minister, or pastor who aren't living as they should. You aren't supposed to lie, for one thing. You're supposed to be big enough to admit it when you are ignorant of something. Nah, it's about the power trip for some people. I also realize that none of us are perfect. I'm just saying that if there was a prayer circle to pray about these things, as well as a prayer walk, it would help.

When we allow anyone to take our power and rights away, it's wrong. If we are so weak, and lacking in faith or belief, then maybe we need to clean up our act. Maybe we need to take action and start believing in the power given to us by Jesus  Maybe we need to start believing that we deserve better than what we have.

There are too many divisions among the 'churches' as it is. It doesn't matter which church you belong to. You need to be aware of the ways of the devil and demons so as to be ready when they come knocking. "My people perish for lack of knowledge." Oh my God, this is so true. I've had demons come after me, and I've had the devil to come against my family as well as myself. They haven't won yet.I was rather curious about why a particular demon couldn't physically attack me although it was obvious that it wanted too, It was furious and gave out a howl that would awaken anyone, you would think. It didn't, though. Neither of my brothers heard it. I did. Along time ago, I was given the gift of discernment among others.

Whose Reality Are You Living?

I think, therefore I am. I’ve noticed, since even before I was old enough to attend school that I could make things happen at times; that I knew intuitively what I needed to do about some particular thing. And yet, I still allow negative thoughts into my mind. I mean, look, I know better. There are always going to be others around, who have negativity. There are going to be times when I have to go thru a situation that I may not like, in order to learn a lesson. But that isn’t an excuse to forget. Still, we do get so caught up in the minutia of day to day living that we forget to be in control and control our thoughts. I know I do. I will remember. For instance, I may not be making the sales I’d like, but the positive side is I’m still busy. I’m updating the website. So I am busy. And this will pay off how? It will be easier to navigate.

Sometimes I feel like a Gypsy. I seem to have been moving around a lot in the last few years. I suspect I'm searching for something. I know that reality is what we make it to be. I know that illusions, smoke and mirrors surround us. We are all here to learn that we are the sons and daughters of the Creator. Therefore, we must come to the realization that we do co-create our reality. Because we have always feared the unknown, we allow others to be in control of our reality. We allow the day to day minutiae to come between us and the truth. 

If mankind can only learn the truth and change his consciousness by going thru intense physical trauma, then that is how it will be. I have heard and read many theories about what will happen. I'm sure there is truth in all of it, because we order our reality with our thoughts, faith, belief, perception, and words. If I choose to believe the grass is purple or orange instead of green, who is to disprove it? Instead, they try to say we're insane. Reality is both what it is and what we make of it. There are people who taste sound, there are those who taste color. There are people who hear color. So why should seeing grass a different color be any different? All things that happen, do so for a reason. I've noticed there are lessons in all things, at least for me. One of the things I've recently learned, in the last couple of days is so simple. When I'm wearing my jeans and a t-shirt, I look great. But if I’m kinda dressed up, I look much better. The lesson is simply that appearances are often deceptive. 

What appears to be, might not really be. So, while people may be afraid of what is coming, I don't think we should be. I think we should embrace what is coming. We will all know the truth then, and as Jesus Christ said, "Know the truth and the truth will set you free." Why shouldn't we rejoice about finally knowing the truth? We need not worry; after all, the thing we worry about is something that may not even happen. I personally don't like surprises, because in my past, some of them weren't very pleasant. So I've often let that color my perception of how things are. I am letting go of my past. We really can't afford to let the past interfere with our life of now. If time is truly irrelevant, then we already live in the now, all the time. This does make some sense. 

"Yesterday is the day that is already gone, tomorrow is the day that never comes, and today is the day that is always here."
 My daughters once asked me the difference between yesterday, today and tomorrow. The preceding answer was what I gave to them, and they totally understood it. At the time, I wondered how to answer that question. The answer I gave, which came to me as soon as I asked, is the one in quotes. The answers will come to us if we but ask. We have an incredible amount of power in our lives as long as we don't give it away. This is one of the things we are often doing, and not always for our good. I'm not saying we shouldn't follow rules, nor am I saying we should be without laws, we need laws to help us keep in check; and having said that, I'm saying that we give our power to our parents, our churches or other religious leaders, our government, our husbands, wives, lovers, siblings, etc. I'm also saying that we have a responsibility to ourselves to keep our power. We empower others by empowering our selves, in order to live, as we should. 

We can all be in control of our own lives, and yet allow others to live as they wish. I have always believed there is a Divine Spirit in each thing that was ever created, all that came before, all that is now and all that will ever be created. Therefore, I also see all things as sacred, and as being connected, at even beyond the cellular level. For this reason, I have called myself a witch or a pagan, now I think it is better to find a different name for myself. Perhaps, wielder of magick would be a good one. Or perhaps, I should just say I’m a Mystical Christian and be done with it. Because what I believe goes way beyond that. I remember when I did my self-initiation; I heard a voice call me Starwalker. I think this is because we are all one, and when I initiated myself, I consecrated myself to the entire Universe. Perhaps this doesn't even belong in this article, but if you understand where I'm coming from, then you might perceive what I'm saying. I am what I am, and I will be what I will be.

 I love all things, and yet I, like most people, don't always act like it. I love the mountains for their always changing nature, as well as their stability and strength. I love the trees for their beauty, their strength and their flexibility, which allows them to be even stronger. I love the water for its power and its ability to always take the path of least resistance. Oh, the lessons we can learn from nature if we but allow it to teach us. All things are sentient, in the manner of knowing a divine power and that it is within each. We, as a race (meaning the human race), are stubborn, and we lack knowledge. In the Bible, God says “My people die for lack of knowledge.” 

And regardless of whatever God/Goddess you believe in and worship, it is true. We don’t have enough knowledge, or of the right kind. I have said for a long time that the God of the Bible isn’t the God I want to worship. Perhaps he is the real God, the Creator…but as with so many stories in the Bible (many of which can be read in earlier works), it has been so ‘hashed’ over as to almost lose the flavor of the real thing. And yet, as I live each day searching for more of the truth, I learn that the Divine Creator which is God Almighty, is real and that he is watching out for me. So I guess I do worship him. Regardless if whether I do or not, I find myself each day, many times through the day, talking to Him, Jesus, the Angels and Guides about things that bother me. And you know what? I get results. They listen, and if I’m wrong about something, they tell me and explain it to me.

Yet we are afraid of the unknown, and as such we refuse to look at the fact that there is more to life than we are often taught. The most important things learned are often learned from nature, or vision quests. And yet some of us are on vision quests, of a sort, without ever knowing it. We are always on a journey. I think one of the things I'd like to address is the concept of love. I'm waxing philosophical now, but it is nevertheless how I feel. I think at one time, although we loved deep and hard, we had the ability to let go and rejoice when a loved one took the journey to the other side. Death is a part of life. And yet if someone we love dies, we often feel as if we are falling apart. It feels as if we have very little left to live for. This is not true! We have much to live for, and have much to pass on to others. The person who died hasn't left us, but they did leave the physical body and move to a different dimension. We may no longer see them as we once did, but that doesn't make them any less real. We are to love unconditionally, accepting others as they are, and accepting the fact that they have moved on to a higher plane of existence. They haven't gone to heaven or to hell, just back to the Creator. We all make our own heaven or hell. I've heard people say that hell is here on earth, and sometimes it certainly seems that way. It only exists in our mind. There is one power in the Universe, and it is good. There is a negative or evil power in the Universe, and there are those who have decided that we would be better off if we had a leader to follow. So they use this negative or evil power to scare us. The evil or negative wants us to worship them and if we choose that path we will bring destruction upon ourselves. I know that evil entities exist, such as demons. I have had to deal with them at various times in my life.

Now I'm not saying it's a bad thing to follow someone, except when that someone decides he/she knows what is best for all. What if they don't have your best interests at heart? What if they only want to take what you have? Or they want to use you for their own purposes?
In the beginning of time, when man no longer remembered where he came from or what he was, he lost understanding of the forces of nature and became afraid. Gods were created to explain these things. You made someone angry, or committed a 'sin', the gods were angered. They must be appeased. This is what some people teach, and they have it both right and wrong. There is an Almighty God, and there are other gods. The God of the Bible even talks about other gods. When man doesn’t understand, he will often come up with some explanation, no matter how farfetched, so he can understand. Sometimes, he/she does this to gain control over the people.

We give part of our power to the idea that everything bad that happens to us is the devil’s fault. Yes there is evil in the world, but we don’t have to become part of it. We choose who and what we want to be. We are always making choices, even a non-choice is a choice. As someone once said, “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.” We are so close to the changing consciousness that we have all returned to the earth plane at this time to both remember our true heritage and to help others with the transition. There are so many things we all need to learn. We aren't being punished for being bad, nor are we here because of some capricious god. We're here because the Creator who loves us wants us to awaken to our destiny and take up our true identity. 

 We’re also here to make a choice. We need to ask ourselves, what do we want? Where do we go from here? Which would we rather be? A son or daughter of the Creator, along with all the privileges that go with it, (which also comes with responsibilities), or a leaf in the wind being blown to and fro? We can either order our reality or we can allow someone else to do it for us. Which would you rather be? Personally I'd rather embrace my heritage and co-create my reality with full knowledge of what I'm doing, than to allow someone else to create what they think is in my best interests. Unless you're me, who you're not, or you have truly walked in my shoes, you've no true idea of what my reality should be. Personally I think its past time for us to embrace who we are. But, as they say, all good things come to those who wait. United we stand, divided we fall. And that's how it is with anything. In closing, I would just like to say one other thing. I wish peace and love to all.
 Copyright © by Nina Slone (ravnone1) 2009

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