Thursday, August 21, 2014

I Want One! If you read this book, you may want one too

Your date shows up at your door with chocolate and a dozen roses. He gives you a soft, sweet kiss and then hands you a gift. He asks you to wait until after dinner to open the gift. You are salivating with trepidation about what it could be. Why does he want you to wait? Then he takes you out and you order New York steak, and the first bite just melts in your mouth because it is so tender. Makes you salivate doesn’t it?
That’s what happened to me while I was reading this book. My geeky side says, “I want one!”, but of course the logical side says, “Now wait a minute. You don’t who the carrier is, how much it costs or anything else other than what you just read. My geeky side sees a new exciting toy to play with and says, quite bluntly, “I don’t care! I want one!” Sorry geeky side, you’ll just have to wait awhile and we’ll see.
This book is written in such a conversational style, it makes me wonder if he’s a salesman. If not, he would make a really good one. Love the writing style. This book is well written, gives you just enough information to leave you wanting to go buy the phone, and it isn’t filled with a bunch of fluff. It’s certainly worth the price. It was delivered to my Kindle Fire HD around 1:00 AM or so this morning. I awoke around 2:30 AM, so checked my mail and sure enough there was an email from O’Reilly. So I checked my Kindle and it was downloading. I sat there and read it straight through.
I recommend this book to anyone who wants to more about the Amazon Fire Phone. 


Monday, August 18, 2014

Do What the Goat Tells You!

This book lays out in an easy to understand way, how you can develop with Python using Django, Selenium and JavaScript, jQuery and Mock.. It also takes you through testing Python code along the way and explains why you need all these tests. You will also learn how to develop a website, and how to make it prettier. Then you will learn what parts of it need to be tested and why.
This book covers Python development pretty thoroughly. It is not about coding per say as to the syntax, nor “is it about web development, per se”,  but rather how to use TDD in order to have a “clean code that works.” but rather on using TDD.
While it is for beginners, you do need to know the basics of Python coding. If you don’t know Python, the author gives a a few suggestions for learning Python. So if I wanted to learn Python, say, for penetration testing, I would definitely pick up one of the books he recommends.
I would recommend this book to those who wish to increase their knowledge about Python.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Back to the future? It's already here!

In 1985, a movie entitled “Back to the Future” with Marty McFly and Doctor Emmet Brown. In the movie, using a flux-capacitor, installed in a car, called a DeLorean, Marty and the Doctor traveled through time. What does this have to do with this compilation of videos from O’Reilly Media? It might have nothing to do with it, but it could very have much to do with it. We don’t need a flux-capacitor to time travel, nor do we need to be struck by lightning. We are already there, or should I say here?
I don’t mean necessarily that we can actually time travel, although that isn’t entirely inconceivable. I mean that the future is already here. If Dr. Brown could watch this compilation of videos, he would be so excited that he would most likely be jumping up and down with excitement.  In today’s world, the software, hardware and networking are working together. Everything is becoming smarter. I once read a document that said computers, while seeming smart, are really stupid because it’s the people who are really running the show. Now machines are smart, partially due to AI, or artificial intelligence.
This is all good, but we must remember, that there must be balance. We don’t machines running the world, but they can certainly help make things easier.
If you watch this compilation of videos, you’ll be as excited as I was to learn so much. I chose this video compilation because I wanted to know where we are today with technology, and all I can say is Oh Wow! It’s well worth watching. Taken directly from the O’Reilly website, here is a direct quote:
Download the Solid video compilation or stream it through our HD player, you’ll discover the possibilities, including:
  • Companies—Explore what’s working, from getting funding to design and marketing to moving from an early adopter market into the mainstream.
  • Foundations—Expand your notion of the possible, and learn how radically new products can spring from re-imagining existing services, processes, and machines.
  • Machines—Focus on how to make intelligent things real, from design and prototyping to manufacturing and shipping.
  • Society—Examine how to build products and services that improve our communities, personal health, and the world economy.
  • Tools—Learn the protocols, technologies, and techniques you need to understand to make your ideas become reality.
I would recommend this video compilation to anyone who is interested in where technology is headed, as well as how much progress we have made.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

You really should care about the user's why

When you design a website, you should ask some things. Is the navigation easy to follow? Is it accessible to all people? Will my development team know what it is I am looking for in this website? There is a very good reason for the UX designer and the development team to work together. Everyone is on track with what is both expected and needed.
I particularly liked this book because he goes into so much detail with the coding aspect, such as the HTML and the CSS. This book also has exercises to help you learn how to design more effectively. At least that is my take on them.
As a freelancer, I work with a team of one: me. So it is even more important that I follow along with this book so as to give my viewers a better website experience. I felt comfortable with this book for the most part, meaning that occasionally I end up with a bad habit, which is one of those shame on me moments. Like I may choose to use an inline style instead of style sheets. Much easier to make changes later when using a style sheet because it affects however many  pages you call it in, whereas an inline style will have to be changed page by page. That makes it a waste of time and effort. Do it right the first time; then you won’t have to waste time doing it again.


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