Saturday, November 29, 2014

Do You Ever Wonder How Android Security Works?

Nikolay Elenkov’s “Android Security Internals” can certainly answer that question. As evidenced by the TOC which I copied and paste

Ø  Foreword by Jon Sawyer xvii
Ø  Acknowledgments . xix
Ø  Introduction xxi
Ø  Chapter 1: Android’s Security Model 1
Ø  Chapter 2: Permissions 21
Ø  Chapter 3: Package Management . 51
Ø  Chapter 4: User Management 87
Ø  Chapter 5: Cryptographic Providers 115
Ø  Chapter 6: Network Security and PKI . 145
Ø  Chapter 7: Credential Storage 171
Ø  Chapter 8: Online Account Management . 191
Ø  Chapter 9: Enterprise Security 215
Ø  Chapter 10: Device Security . 251
Ø  Chapter 11: NFC and Secure Elements 289
Ø  Chapter 12: SELinux 319
Ø  Chapter 13: System Updates and Root Access 349
Ø  Index . 377

d, you can see how extensive this book is. It covers so much it just seems to be near impossible to not learn from this book. Not only that, it is written in an informative, conversational, easy to understand style.
The author has been developing applications for Android since version 1.5. “For the past three years, according to the book, he has been documenting his findings and writing about them on his blog” So if anyone can tell anything at all about Android Security, it is certainly the author. I prefer to read and learn about subjects from people who know what they’re talking about. This book definitely fits that requirement. To show what I mean, here is a direct comment which I copied and pasted from the foreword.

“While I was honored to be asked to write this foreword, I honestly didn’t
believe I’d learn much from the book because I’ve been working on Android
security for many years. This belief could not have been more wrong. As
I read and digested new information regarding subjects I thought I knew
thoroughly, my mind whirled with thoughts of what I had missed and what
I could have done better. Why wasn’t a reference like this available when I first engrossed myself in Android?” (jcase, Foreword )

I have always been concerned with online services, such as signing in to Amazon or to my Gmail account. Still, since I needed to do this, I chose to try to be as careful as possible. I’m reassured after reading the section on Google Accounts Support section. In particular apps I get from Google Play as well as Amazon since I have a Kindle Fire. It’s scary to see the latitude of  permissions that are asked for when you install an app. I don’t think these apps need access to my phone calls, my contact list, or even most of the things they want to access. If I was really, really scared, I think I would throw my phone away, toss my Kindle, and get rid of my laptop. But since I try to be security minded, I, like so many others, show a little (or a lot, depending on how you look at it) trust. Thankfully we do have people who are concerned with our security. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to know more about the security of our Androids.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Holidays and Depression

Hi All,
I've been feeling a little down for a couple of days. I realize that it is because of the holidays. They're almost guaranteed to dampen the spirits a little if you've lost someone close to you. It's been a few years since my Mom, Dad and younger brother passed away. Yet, once in a while, it just kinda hits me.
I'm ok, except for that. Even so, I'm glad they're in a far better place now. I miss them so much at times, especially around their birthdays and the holidays.  
 This is my Mom and Dad, a few years before they divorced, so I suppose that would be sometime in the 90's.
This is my brother a few years before he died. This was taken on his birthday by his girlfriend Amy. I moved to Phoenix few a few months in 2006, and he died in 2009.

Sometimes I think about things I should've said or done, but didn't. Or things I shouldn't have done or said, but did. You know what? It's way too late after someone is gone to kick yourself in the butt. It doesn't help anyway. It's best to say or do what you need to say before someone dies, then you have no regrets.
Do I have regrets? Not many. I wish my daughters and I were closer. I miss them, but since I'm in KY and they're up North, there's not a lot I can do about that. I know they have lives of their own, raising kids and all. But I still miss talking to them so much. I wonder so many things about my mom and dad, and yet never asked, partly because I just never thought of the questions until it was too late.
If you can't be with family or extended family during the holidays, I feel compassion for you. I wish all of you the best, and God bless each one of you. Don't forget to call your family and say "I love you" and "I miss you."

Friday, November 7, 2014

Don’t You Just Love Watching the Birds in Your Backyard?

I love watching the birds in my yard, both front and back, or sides. The yard here goes all around the house. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet learned how to get the best photos, since they like to fly around whenever I decide to take the photo. But as you can see by the table of contents which I have copied and pasted into this document, there are a number of ways of getting great shots.
Table of Contents
·         Introduction 1
·         Chapter 1 The Best Camera and Equipment 3
·         Chapter 2 The Basics of Attracting Birds 7
·         Chapter 3 A Few Tricks of the Trade 23
·         Chapter 4 The Use of Blinds 37
·         Chapter 5 How to Capture the Best Bird Images 41
·         Chapter 6 Photographing Hummingbirds 47
·         Chapter 7 Beyond the Backyard 59
·         Chapter 8 Showing Your Bird Photography 65
·         Chapter 9 DIY Projects 68
·         Peter Pan Feeder 68
·         A Changeable Perch Feeder 70
·         Small Water Feature: Bird Baths 73
·         The Knothole Feeder 76
·         Building a Window Blind 82
·         Ground Pod for Shooting from a Windowsill 86
·         Building a Large Water Feature 88
·         Building a Chair Blind 93
·         A Permanent Blind 98
·         A Shooting Shelf for a Permanent Blind 106
·         Resources and Suppliers 113
·         Recipes for Suet 115
·         Conclusion 117

The author starts out with telling you about the best camera and equipment. As you read through this book, there are some excellent and beautiful photos. I fell in love with birds when I was a toddler. Where we lived at the time, every day we used to hear catbirds, among others. I thought it was fascinating.
I was just reading the book and looking at the photos. They are pure genius. The authors’ ideas in chapter 9 is intriguing, and yet simple. I know the business end of a handle so even I could do these DIY suggestions.


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