Thursday, September 25, 2014

Ever wonder where spam comes from???Not the Hormel spam, but the junk in your junk/spam folder

If you read this book you will know exactly who started this. Of course, they usually call it mass email marketing or some such thing. Still, it’s the same thing. I see a lot of spam in my personal email account and I don’t usually check to see who it’s from. If I see on that is suspicious, then I report it as phishing. Otherwise, I simply empty it without checking it. Too many and I simply am not willing to spend the extra time to browse through it every day. And if there’s a storm, I shut down my laptop, which means it will be a day or so before I get back on line. I’ve seen 500+ emails in my spam from just a couple of days. That is two (2) days! That is way too many for my taste, so let there be none as far as I’m concerned.
I started reading this book and became hooked. It reads like a novel, and let me tell ya, it is absolutely fascinating! I love the style the author adopts. I am so glad I chose this book from O’Reilly’s, because it is truly worth reading. Not only is it fascinating, but it is also informative. I would recommend this book to anyone who wonders, “Where the hell did all this spam come from? And better yet, how did it get started? As well as who are the people responsible???” Personally, I think they should hang ’em out to dry.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Why do we need Social eCommerce?

Maybe because we spend so much time on social media networks, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and others that we are constantly spreading the word about our products, whether it is digital or physical products.
If you are relatively new to this concept, I suggest you read this book and get loads of information about this idea. This is the TOC copied directly from the book, so you can see how compressive this book is.

Foreword  xix
Preface xxi
1. The Social Media Landscape 1
Tier 1 Social Networks 1
Twitter 1
Facebook 3
LinkedIn 4
Tier 2 Social Networks 7
Google+ 7
YouTube 8
Pinterest 9
Tumblr 11
Tier 3 Social Networks 13
reddit 14
imgur 14
Quora 15
Instagram 15
Niche Social Networks 16
Summary 17
2. Basic Social Media Strategy 19
Understand Who You Are and Why You Do It 20
Set and Meet Goals 21
Have a Scalability Plan 22
A Sudden Big Order 22
Your Viral Efforts Accidentally Worked 23
It’s So Popular That No One Goes There Anymore 23
Prevention and Planning 24
4. Marketing Strategy: Digital Goods and Services 71
Digital Goods and Services That Do Well on Social Media 73
The Right Intent 73
Forming a Superior Strategy 75
Site-Specific Tactics 77
Facebook 78
Pinterest 78
Twitter 78
MySpace 78
YouTube 79
Summary 83
5. Local Services and Storefronts 85
The Right Intent 85
Forming a Superior Strategy 87
Site-Specific Tactics 88
Facebook 89
Google+ 89
YouTube 89
Pinterest and Instagram 89
Craigslist 91
Foursquare 91
Local Blogging 91
Yelp 91
Twitter 92
Verifying Driving Directions 92
Google Maps 94
Mapquest, Yahoo, Bing, and Garmin GPS Devices 94
TomTom 95
Mobile Marketing 99
Optimize Your Website 100
Mobile Retail Apps 102
Integrated Product Reviews 102
Mobile Advertising 103
Summary 104
6. Designing and Testing Ads on Facebook 105
Campaign Types 106
Traditional Sales 106
Branding 106
Special Events and Holidays 108
Market Research 109
Targeting 112
Creating Audiences for Facebook Ads 113
Unpublished Post Ads for Facebook 114
Budgeting 114
The Basics of Ad Design 115
Give a Reason for Clicking Like 115
Interesting Photos 115
Great Headlines 116
Images That Sell 117
Understanding the Metrics 117
Multivariate Testing 118
Testing Headlines with 119
Good Landing Page Design 119
Remove Clutter and Improve Navigation 120
The Approval Process 120
Summary 125
7. Guerrilla Marketing 127
Honor Competitor Coupons 127
Offer Giveaways, Prizes, and Challenges 128
Be Controversial 128
Use Facebook Offers to Generate Leads 129
Post an Infographic 129
Create a LinkedIn Group 129
Create Awards Programs 130
Cross-Promote with Complementary Businesses 130
Use Photography with Branding 130
Arrange Meetups for SEO, Networking, and Marketing 132
Make and Post Memes 132
Leverage Viral Videos 133
Get onto Wikipedia 134
Summary 138
8. Professional Presence and Damage Control 139
Finding Problems 140
Separating Business from Personal 144
Maintaining Consistency 145
Being Deleted or Delisted 146
Facebook 146
Google 147
LinkedIn: Your Online Business Card 147
Review Sites: The Harsh World of Direct Feedback 148
Yelp 148
Glassdoor 149
Google (Search and Places) 149 151
Ripoff Report 151
Angie’s List 152
Amazon 152
Taking Advantage of a Competitor’s Blunder 153
Summary 155
9. Keeping Up with Changes 157
Hire the Experts 157
Ask the Hard Questions 158
Take a Look at the Agency’s Social Media Pages and Business Sites 158
Determine What the Agency Is Planning for Your Business in the Long
Term 158
Ask Trick Questions 159
Ask About Cost 159
Follow the Thought Leaders 160
Follow Industry Blogs 160
Attend Relevant Conferences 161
Join Professional Associations 162
Don’t React; Respond 163
Remarket and Retarget 163
Summary 166
10. Book Promotion 169
Fiction Versus Nonfiction 169
Know Your Audience Really, Really Well 171
Plan Accordingly 172
The Big Players 173
Twitter 173
Facebook 174
YouTube 177
Pinterest 177
Literary Social Media 178
Pixel of Ink 178
SmashWords, KDP, CreateSpace, and ACX 179
Amazon AuthorCentral 179
Goodreads 179
LibraryThing 180
Shelfari 180
Get Reviews 180
Amazon Top Reviewers 181
The Amazon Vine Program 181
Other Reviews 181
Ask Nicely and Publicly 182
Other Tips and Tricks 182
Prime Lending Library and KDP Select 182
Speak at an Industry Conference 182
Show Off Your Writing Portfolio 183
Summary 188
11. Event Promotion 191
Establish Thought Leadership 192
Add Hashtags 193
Create Virtual Badges 193
Establish a Basic Ad and Content Strategy 193
Leverage Social Networks 195
Multiple Events 196
Slideshare 196
Lanyrd 196
Portfolio Sites 196
AllConferences 197
YouTube 197
Meetup 197
Facebook 198
Twitter 198
Create Your Own Social Network 199
Summary 206
12. Social Search Engine Optimization 207
Optimizing for Web Search 207
Using Photo-Sharing Sites for SEO 208
Google+ for SEO 208
Facebook for SEO 209
Twitter for SEO 210
LinkedIn for SEO 212
YouTube for SEO 213
Pinterest for SEO 213
Optimizing for Social Search Engines 215
LinkedIn 215
Facebook Graph Search 216
Video Search 220
Optimizing for YouTube Search 221
Summary 223
13. Influencer Outreach 225
Build an Initial List 226
Begin Interacting 227
Refine the List 228
Contact the Influencers 230
Pinterest Group Boards 230
The Twitter Warmup 231
Getting Contact Information 231
Paying for Reviews? 232
Creating Templates 233
Tracking Responses 236
Automating Outreach 236
Offering Giveaways 236
Using Other Approaches 237
Watch for Mentions and Links 237
Tread Carefully on reddit 237
Establish Yourself on Google+ 238
Summary 242
14. Affiliate Marketing and MLM 245
Affiliate Marketing 245
Create Themed Content 246
Disclose All Affiliate Links 246
Multilevel Marketing 247
Choose Pictures Wisely 247
Be Multidimensional 247
Network 248
Summary 252
Glossary 253
Index 265
I found this book both informative and entertaining. I also learned more about how social networking can help you to promote your business, whether it is web-based only, or a brick and mortar store. Here is a direct quote from the forward of the book.
What I love most about this book is the authors not only peel back the curtain into their methodology, but also give you a step-by-step plan and strategy to ensure social media success for your company.
(—Jeremy Schoemaker, Founder and CEO of ShoeMoney Media Group and author of
Nothing’s Changed But My Change: The ShoeMoney Story, 2014)
I’m here to tell you that he holds true to what he says about Social eCommerce. So if you want to know which social networks are the best, and how to utilize them, read this book. I recommend this book to anyone who wants more exposure for your business and or products.

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