Friday, March 30, 2007

looks like rain, more on hacking

Hi all,
It looks like it might rain, I can see it even tho it isn't raining yet. Garnet, I wish you luck with Karen. I hope Libby is continuing with her art. It's the neatest. I hated being hacked, but now I have an incentive to take a crash course in Linux, hacking and security. I have a little knowledge about all three subjects, but I need a refresher on all three. Guess I shoulda been paying attention Damn, I might end up being a techie yet. How cool is that? I wouldn't mind a walk inthe rain if it's a light rain. But then Dave isn't here, so I think I'll probably stay in. Hey, what's the fun in walking alone? Besides I need to read a ton of stuff. Yeah, I know, this is goofy. So what? It's still a free country. Yes we are loosing our freedoms, little by little. Freedom isn't free. I don't think we need to always be at war, and there are times when I don't agree with many things that are done in the name of Democracy. That goes for "in the name of god" as well. But we're still the country where we do have some freedom left. And we are free to think as we please. Free to worship as we please, which I understand is still under fire in some ways. If you're a witch, people think all kinds of idiotic things about you. Like we worship satan. How can we worship that which we don't even believe in? Even so, I would rather live here than any other country in the world. Ya'll take care now.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Hi all,
My pc was hacked this weekend. How dumb was that? On both sides. I know a thing or two about hacking, so I knew what was happening, and stopped it. I will find this idiot and take appropriate action. He/she didn't even have the sense to hide all the files being used. A rootkit. How dumb is that? Live and learn.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

true love

Hi all,
I'm going to Dave's for the weekend. Ya know, I really love this guy. He is so much fun to talk to. Has a wicked sense of humor. Maybe I should say 'great', but I'll leave it as it is. I've had a rough sort of week with the toothache, but I can deal with it. What the hell. It's an aggravation I just have to deal with.
On another note...I'm going to talk about love. Being in love does strange things to people. Or is it that it makes us do strange things...or we allow love to change our way of thinking. It doesn't really make us do anything. I'm in love with my guy, and I hate it that we aren't together. I felt as if I couldn't get anything done..unless it was something to do with him. This is totally unacceptable. It's ok to be totally in love with someone. It's not ok to feel that I can't function if I can't be near him. That's more like a teenager. I'm glad that I have someone whom I love so deeply, and who loves me just as much. I had to really think about this, and "sleep on it". I finally asked the universe for help. As long as I can take it a day at a time, I'm fine. Or an hour if needed.
I know this sounds more like obsession than love, but it isn't. It's been a long time since I've been in love, and yet it wasn't as deep as this.
Why am I talking about my private life on line? Because I can, baby, because I can. Because I want to share the wonder I feel. To stand on the rooftop and shout out "I love this man!"
I think people should be more accepting of how others are, and stop trying to change them... If you change someone, then they aren't the same person you fell in love with anyway. By the time you are done, you dont even like them anymore, let alone love them. When I allowed myself to be changed by someone, I ended up not liking myself. Hell, I damn near hated myself. I'm not going thru that again. It isn't worth it. Either be adult enough to accept a person as they are, especially if you claim to love them, or leave them be. The way I figure it is...Love me for me, as I am, and accept me as I am, or get the hell outta my face. I don't have time for this crap. Thank the gods that Dave accepts me as I am. People deserve to be loved for themselves. Not for what they can do for you, but rather how you can each compliment the other persons life. We each bring strengths and weaknesses to the table, so to speak. True love accepts the other person as they are. There are compromises that can be made, which sometimes are needed, and is acceptable, as long as it doesn't involve principles. A person should never have to compromise principles for love. Neither should they have to choose between their friends or family and the the one they love. You may not like my family, but you will accept them because I love them. I may not like your family, but I'll accept them because you love them. If your friends or family interfere without a true reason, I can still accept them, but I won't want to go around them. And I sure as hell will not put on a facade, even to keep the peace. Maybe they decided they don't like me. They aren't the ones who have to live with me. So tell them to butt out and lighten up, until they see an actual reason to interfere.
We aren't all the same. We are all connected, but we are still individuals. I can see the god/goddess within each person, but I still have a hard time accepting the way people act. Maybe the word 'act' is the operative word here. If you're putting on an act, you aren't showing your true self. Why? That is for you to answer. I know why.
Enough for now.
Blessings to all,

Monday, March 19, 2007

thought for today

Hi all,
The thought for today is you only live one day at a time, so make the most of each day. Each day is a gift, which should be enjoyed to the fullest. It is sometimes hard to feel joy when it feels like turmoil inside. This is usually indicative of the need to feel the fullness of the minute, rather than trying to live your whole life in one day. You should live each day as if it is your last. While you undoubtedly live many lives, you still live only one at a time.
I'm really glad I met Dave; he has stolen my heart. Of course he says I gave it to him, which us true. But I like to tease.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

more on today

WOW...what a great day...
I spent today both outside and inside in the most enjoyable company. So, I had a really great day. Phoenix was beautiful today.

today is beautiful

Today is supposed to be beautiful, 98 deg with a nice wind, and a few clouds this afternoon, which will make it feel cooler than it actually is. I'm going out to enjoy...
p.s. hope you all can too

finished a rough draft

I had a really great day. I finished a rough draft of an article I'm writing. I'm taking a break today, so I won't be working on it saturday...
Besides, all work and no play makes me a dull that aint gonna happen. I'm much too interesting to be dull. Oh yeah, I amuse me. Makes my life so interesting. And I find that I don't really have much to say right now. So on that note,

Thursday, March 15, 2007

responsibility and control

Hi all,
Everything is connected. It makes us all one, but still leaves us as individuals. We are all learning while here. And one of the things we need to do is to take control of our lives, stop playing the blame game. We are responsible for our actions, not a 'god' in heaven. Just us. We relinquish control because we want someone else to blame when things go wrong.
You know, it's a funny thing, but we are told repeatedly to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions....but when we do, there is always someone out there who is determined to have us let 'god', or them, take control of our lives. Why should I? I see the god within each being, I don't always like their actions, but I still recognize the god within. For those of you who prefer to relinquish control to something other than yourself, be my guest. It's your business, by the same token, I prefer to control my life. I don't feel the need to play the blame game. If I screw up, it's my fault; and if I get it right then it's because I was in alignment with the divine will, and I was listening.
Bless you all,
Life is a joy! Be happy!

thought for today

Hi all,
This has been a good day. But then all days are good days, just the circumstances and options change. We all have options, we just don't always remember them. The thing to do then is to step back and be objective, which is hard to do. But you must sometimes look at it as if it doesn't involve you. It is much easier to make a decision for someone else than for yourself.
What I really wanted to talk about was reality. It's a fraud. We are spoonfed so many lies from the time we are born, that it is often hard to find the truth. The truth of how to make our reality our own. I'm writing a paper about it, so when I get it done, I'll put it up on my home page. I think you'll like it, at least you'll be entertained. It will have accounts of how it has helped me.
More later.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Hi all,
This is a beautiful day. Too great a day to spend inside doing work all day. I enjoyed yesteday at fish creek, around Apache Junction. (I think I have that right.)
I don't really have a lot to say. Because I'm still thinking.
Later and blessings,

Monday, March 12, 2007

off to the mtns

Hi all,
I'm headed to the mountains to sketch and do a little hiking. I love to hang out in the mountains, you never know what you'll run into. I also like the beaches, but there aren't any oceans in AZ. lol
Ya'll have fun today...I know I will.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

finished updating my webpages

Finally. I was wondering if I would ever get them done. But since they are a work in progress, they are usually under construction. I suppose webpages and people have at least one thing in common, they're both often under construction. lol. Since I don't anything else to say this very minute, I'll 'see' ya later.
Blessings on you and yours,

Saturday, March 10, 2007

I'm back in AZ

Hi all,
Sometimes I wonder if these posts ever get read, but then I don't really care. They're more or less a public diary anyway. So even if no one ever posts a comment, I'm sure they do. I made it back to AZ yesterday, and I'm where I apparently belong. Which is ok. I'm happy, I may be sad over my recent breakup, but inside, I'm happy.
How can we be happy and sad at the same time? I'm happy that I'm still myself, I came thru this little interlude without harm, and I'm sad that it didn't work out. I should listen to myself more. I knew it wasn't going to work. So why did I go to the trouble of going 300 miles if I knew it wouldn't work out? Because I had hoped I was wrong. I knew better. Why? Because I am always right, especially about the important things. And while I don't think anyone should give up their friends, because friends are a valued asset, I don't think friends should make judgements without having sufficient information about the other person. I also don't think it's right to ask a person to change who they are just so you will be more comfortable. Hey, if I don't ask you to change, and I can accept you for who you are, why not afford me the same courtesy? It isn't as if my having adhd makes it impossible to have a relationship with. It is hard to have a relationship with anyone with adhd, so I make sure the other person knows what he's getting into. Looks aren't everything, what is inside a person is more important...although I must admit that having a nice 'package' is pretty neat. Looking at what the person is like, rather than how they look, is better criteria for judging as to if you can deal with this person or not.
Blessed be.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Back in AZ

HI all,
I'm back in AZ, since it didn't work out in NM. By the way, the A.I.R. Coffeeshop is really the A.I.R. Coffeecompany, and it's located in Bayard. I hope I spelled it correctly, I had erroneously located it in Silver City. Sorry for any inconvenience. I need to do some soul searching, and live my life the way I prefer. Think I'm gonna have some fun, life is too short to do this all the time. I need to listen to myself, and not to what I hope I'm saying. "To thine own self be true" Shakespeare says. So this is what I need to do.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

2 more days

I really liked it here. Too bad it isn't working out. But, as they say, stuff happens. Silver City is great, but I don't like some of the people. But then they don't like me either, so I guess it's a fair exchange.
We went to the silver mine yesterday. I liked the crystals I found. They are so cool. Today, we may go to the A.I.R. Coffeeshop, after the laundry is done and I look at Libby's vacuum cleaner.
Libby is an artist who lives in Silver City, and she is really good. Her horses are wonderful, she adds beaded leather to the paintings. Makes them look realistic. I enjoyed the coffeeshop when I was there last. Their chai latte is great; he uses the same brand I do, Oregon Original. So I may have another of his lattes.
I'll be leaving soon, but I'm storing up memories. Preferably pleasant ones, so we can still be friends after I go back to AZ.
That's all for now, folks.

Monday, March 5, 2007

principles, adhd, moving back to AZ

Hi all,
You ever have anyone expect you to compromise your principles? I do. Boy, is that a pain in the butt. What? We can't have principles anymore? I don't think so. My principles are mine, and they are a code of honor with me, so if you expect me to compromise, think on baby. 'Cause it ain't gonna happen. I've compromised a lot of things in my life; afterall, I am flexible, but enough is enough. Don't ever let anyone make you compromise your principles. Turn the tables and see how far you go. Probably out the door before you know it.
When you have adhd, it is very hard to have a relationship with anyone. Ask anyone who has ever dealt with us, and you'll see what I mean. We feel alienated from society. We have poor social skills. We are looked down upon, as if we are not good enough, or else a mental aberrant. In fact, most of us have superior intelligence. Part of the reason is because everyone else wants us to change, but aren't willing themselves to change. Who needs them to change anyway? I mean, I don't make it a habit of asking someone to change just because I don't like what they are doing or how they are living their life. So who are they to ask me? Yes I have, and I find it doesn't work. For me, or for them. You see, in the long run, being oneself is also about compromise. Once they get you to change to what they think they want you to be, you aren't you anymore, you're someone else. And they still don't like you. If they realized up front they didn't like you, why bother with the charade? There's nothing to gain from it. There's a lot to be said for being adhd, and I happen to be proud to be a part of it. At least it is one way I can retain my individuality. I don't take meds for it, although I do drink a lot of coffee. Been there, done that; and it just doesn't work for me.
I'm going back to AZ sometime this week or weekend. I'm not compromising my principles for anyone. It just doesn't work for me; I like who I am, and I am happy with myself. Hell, despite all the pain I'm feeling over this move, I'm even happy inside. Where it counts. I may not look happy, but I am.
I suppose you may be asking, since I'm a witch, why don't I do something about it. That is between me and the universe. I'll let the universe deal with this one. I've seen from past experience, that when I'm an innocent in something, the universe takes over. I'm doing exactly what I'm supposed to do. Justice does prevail. Thank you Nemesis.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

irony, Linux and other things

Hi ya'll, How ya doing? I decided to take a break from cleaning house. Of course, sometimes a clean house is a sign of a sick mind. LOL Just kidding. Of course if you're a bachelor, it might be. I live in geek heaven. I finally have linux on my pc. I've wanted to run a linux, win 98 machine for a while. I did at one time, then was at a point in my life where that wasn't possible. Now I am again. Yaaa. My laptop hd is now installed in my pc and is working fine, with both linux and win 98. The irony I spoke of. I left WV and came to AZ, met my lifemate online, and am now in NM. I had to do all this in order to meet a guy who is as geeky as me, and is into magick as well. So I gave up quite a lot in order to have both the mate I want, and the OS I want. I miss my kids, my grandkids, and my brothers. That is the sad part of my getting what I wanted. I had to go to another state, 2 in fact, and leave a lot of things behind, in order to get what I want, as well as get to where I want. "I hope this is worth it", some may think. I think it is, in the long run, at least. We all have sacrifices to make in order to get where we want to be. Life may not be fair, but it is just. Although it certainly doesn't seem that way, at times. A network card has been ordered so I can go online with my pc, this one will work with both OSes. And hopefully I can install more memory soon. I'm also studying C++ programming (using Dev-Cpp), web design, FreeBasic, and yes I'm back into studying Magick. This is a good place for me to be right now. So tears and missing my people aside, I'm happy to be me.
Blessings, love and laughter.

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