Thursday, February 15, 2007

soul mates

Hi All,
Today I'm thinking about soul mates. I've read a little about soul mates. But I think I would rather focus on what I think about the subject. I don't think any of of us are meant to be alone. Somewhere out there is our significant other.
(And before I go any further, I wish to make a statement here. It's about same sex partners. Many people give them flack about their lifestyle. And some of them are also intolerant of heterosexuals. We should all be tolerant of other people's lifestyle choices, regardless of whether it's religion or sex. I don't care, it's not my business how you live as long as don't bother me. Your religious and sexual preferences are between you and the universe. So what I say here is for everyone, regardless of this.)
Twins are so connected, that if one is seperated from the other, they feel as if some part of them is missing. This may not be true of all twins, but is true of others. I believe this is similar to how it is with soul mates. And try as we might, we can't seem to be 'whole' without the other half of us. There just seems to always be something missing, a loneliness that nothing causes to cease, a longing, a yearning that won't be filled.
I'm not saying that it is always easy to be with our soul mate, or that we always agree on everything. But I am saying that once we find our mate, everything clicks and falls into place. You feel complete again, whole. That unceasing longing is gone. The other part of you is there. Even if your beliefs are different, you can each relate to the other because you understand. There may be a lot of similarities, and yet there may also be many differences. You can deal with the issues if you will be patient with each other. Remember, you didn't come together to convert the other half of yourself to believe the way you do. They need that freedom, just as you do. Be tolerant of their needs.
Ok, enough said. Enjoy.

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