Thursday, March 15, 2007

thought for today

Hi all,
This has been a good day. But then all days are good days, just the circumstances and options change. We all have options, we just don't always remember them. The thing to do then is to step back and be objective, which is hard to do. But you must sometimes look at it as if it doesn't involve you. It is much easier to make a decision for someone else than for yourself.
What I really wanted to talk about was reality. It's a fraud. We are spoonfed so many lies from the time we are born, that it is often hard to find the truth. The truth of how to make our reality our own. I'm writing a paper about it, so when I get it done, I'll put it up on my home page. I think you'll like it, at least you'll be entertained. It will have accounts of how it has helped me.
More later.

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Anonymous said...

i'm not registered on this site.. but i'm sure you know who this is.. lol..Honesty is hard to find these days.. thats for sure.. advertising doesnt have much of it.. and the web doesnt either...we can only find true honesty in ourselves and each other.. MITAKUYE OYASIN...( sioux for 'we are all related')...Take care N....dave....;-)