Thursday, March 22, 2007

true love

Hi all,
I'm going to Dave's for the weekend. Ya know, I really love this guy. He is so much fun to talk to. Has a wicked sense of humor. Maybe I should say 'great', but I'll leave it as it is. I've had a rough sort of week with the toothache, but I can deal with it. What the hell. It's an aggravation I just have to deal with.
On another note...I'm going to talk about love. Being in love does strange things to people. Or is it that it makes us do strange things...or we allow love to change our way of thinking. It doesn't really make us do anything. I'm in love with my guy, and I hate it that we aren't together. I felt as if I couldn't get anything done..unless it was something to do with him. This is totally unacceptable. It's ok to be totally in love with someone. It's not ok to feel that I can't function if I can't be near him. That's more like a teenager. I'm glad that I have someone whom I love so deeply, and who loves me just as much. I had to really think about this, and "sleep on it". I finally asked the universe for help. As long as I can take it a day at a time, I'm fine. Or an hour if needed.
I know this sounds more like obsession than love, but it isn't. It's been a long time since I've been in love, and yet it wasn't as deep as this.
Why am I talking about my private life on line? Because I can, baby, because I can. Because I want to share the wonder I feel. To stand on the rooftop and shout out "I love this man!"
I think people should be more accepting of how others are, and stop trying to change them... If you change someone, then they aren't the same person you fell in love with anyway. By the time you are done, you dont even like them anymore, let alone love them. When I allowed myself to be changed by someone, I ended up not liking myself. Hell, I damn near hated myself. I'm not going thru that again. It isn't worth it. Either be adult enough to accept a person as they are, especially if you claim to love them, or leave them be. The way I figure it is...Love me for me, as I am, and accept me as I am, or get the hell outta my face. I don't have time for this crap. Thank the gods that Dave accepts me as I am. People deserve to be loved for themselves. Not for what they can do for you, but rather how you can each compliment the other persons life. We each bring strengths and weaknesses to the table, so to speak. True love accepts the other person as they are. There are compromises that can be made, which sometimes are needed, and is acceptable, as long as it doesn't involve principles. A person should never have to compromise principles for love. Neither should they have to choose between their friends or family and the the one they love. You may not like my family, but you will accept them because I love them. I may not like your family, but I'll accept them because you love them. If your friends or family interfere without a true reason, I can still accept them, but I won't want to go around them. And I sure as hell will not put on a facade, even to keep the peace. Maybe they decided they don't like me. They aren't the ones who have to live with me. So tell them to butt out and lighten up, until they see an actual reason to interfere.
We aren't all the same. We are all connected, but we are still individuals. I can see the god/goddess within each person, but I still have a hard time accepting the way people act. Maybe the word 'act' is the operative word here. If you're putting on an act, you aren't showing your true self. Why? That is for you to answer. I know why.
Enough for now.
Blessings to all,

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your baby said...

hi honey,
i know this is a public site, but it doesnt matter. i had a great time this weekend with you and look forward to many more.. I Love you..