Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Why is that some people think they are better than everyone else? Why do people insist on being stupid and blaming others for their problems? Why do some people insist on treating others unjustly? What follows is my personal opinion.
Maybe because they are so insecure they can't deal with the truth. As much as I'd like to turn the SOB's into freakin' frogs, I'd rather not insult the frog genus thank you...besides which I don't turn people into frogs. But you can bet your ass that I"m damn well sending back the lies and BS to those who are sending it.
What we sow, we reap. Therefore, let the games begin. I can guarantee that they won't be laughing when I'm thru. Am I tough? That's a question I was asked during a confrontation last night, my answer is: there are all kinds of tough. Anyone who knows me knows that you don't ever screw me around without paying the price, what you send to me gets sent back...times 3. So, now we'll see who's tough. And you can just bet it won't be that sniveling little bum, nor will it be the rest of these idiots I deign to share my life with. I can deal with a lot of things, but I am so tired of being accused of stuff I didn't do, and accused of not doing what I did, that I'm sending it all back. With a vengeance. God (of the bible) says...'vengeance is mine saith the lord, and with recompense I will repay", and personally I think it's time for a little vengeance...or maybe in this case a lot of vengeance. The last time I did this the sparks really flew, and every time before that, so like I said, let the games begin. People should learn to leave me be when they want a scapegoat, 'cause I'm not it. I am a person with feelings, hopes, aspirations and dreams just like everyone else. The sooner these people learn that, the better off they'll be. I will vanquish them, just like they need to be.
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