Wednesday, July 16, 2008

walmart is so full of crap...

I went to Walmart today. As usual, it was a wasted trip. I don't like to shop at walmart. I know exactly what I want most times I go into any store, so it makes it a fast trip, get in, get it and get out. No dealing with crowds of ppl. None of what I wanted today was available at walmart. They are even closing the fabric dept next year. So much bad crap about them in the news. Maybe they use the negativity to create more revenue. I personally don't care. Yeah you can get cheap stuff there at times. You can at other places as well. Point is, I go in, get what I want, I'm ready to leave in about 30 minutes or less, and then have to wait another 30 minutes or so to get checked out. Even if I use the self-check out, which usually needs someone to come enter their number and do whatever it is needs done. Not a good way to do business.
And the fact of them closing the fabric dept is utterly ludicrous.
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