Wednesday, November 19, 2008

when things go awry

Hello All,
It seems as if things are always interesting here in ravnone1's world. I've moved yet again, this time to NH. I tell ya, it gets harder each day to trust anyone. For instance, on the 10th of this month, my 'man' came in from work, after being gone all weekend and tells me he's going out of the country. I don't believe he did. And he's had this planned for awhile. I'm not sure which is worse, the lies or the betrayal. You ever hear the quote, "pass the buck"? That's how I feel, except the doe, or female of the deer. Sheesh, what a freakin' asshole. You think he coulda talked to me and said it wasn't working out. But no, even tho he's been working on this for a month or more, I'm told about it the same day it's all going down. That's a low blow, and as far as I'm concerned, he acted more like a cunt than a man. You know, I asked him quite a few times about certain things, and he looked at me with surprise on his face as if to say "how the hell do you know that?". But he always denied it. I hate this kind of bullshit. I refuse to trust anyone again. He gave me 3 choices, go to my daughters', which I can't do; go to my family, which I won't (private reasons), and go to a friend of his. I guess he thinks I'm stupid. I told him a few weeks ago, "People who fuck me over, get fucked over." You shoulda seen the look on his face and the surprise in his voice. It will happen, and I hope to fuck he loses everything that means anything to him. You can't sue someone over a wish. Oh, yeah, lest I forget, he's "coming back for me in 30 days." Yeah, right. I was born at night, but it sure as hell wasn't last night.
At least I'm getting my independence, thanks to his friend.
A friend and I had an interesting discussion a few times. I said that I was thinking about starting a harem. I'm still thinking about it. Live for today, work on my business, and let tomorrow take care of itself. Regardless of what I do, while I'm willing to help people as a matter of course, I'm living for me. If people don't like that, too freaking bad.
p.s. Let Justice be done. When an innocent is fucked over like I was, Justice always prevails.
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