Wednesday, December 17, 2008

things as they are...

Hi All,
First of all, I wish to tell you that I updated my personal website. I didn't realize that my links to the personal pages wasn't working. They are now.
Second of all, I wish to make something clear. I don't play the blame game. I am totally responsible for my actions. Let me explain what I mean, with at least one example...maybe two.
I was not happy with the way things were in MD, so I was thinking one day and setting up this scenario in my head about ways of leaving there. I wasn't sure where I wanted to go, but I did know that I needed to head northeast. I also knew it was time to get my drivers license back, and a vehicle. I kept having dreams about leaving, and also thoughts would pop into my head about the guy I was with. He always looked at me with a surprised look on his face, as if to ask how I knew this, even tho he would repeatedly deny it. But, me being me, I knew. so, when he comes home one evening after being gone all weekend, and tells me he's been called out of the country for Fema, and that I can go to my daughters' or back to KY which I said wasn't feasible, he said he had a friend who needed a dog sitter. So I ended up going with the guy to NH and I now have a car as well as my drivers license. I didn't like the way the situation, either one of them, was handled, but my goal was achieved. I am thankful for that.
Things happen fast sometimes. Now I'm here, and the damn car doesn't want to start, and yet I do have lights, etc. Perhaps it's just the cold, or it could be the starter...I'll figure that out soon.
My whole point is that, I thought this situation into existence...therefore, the next step is to decide where I want to be, and then 'makes tracks like a bunny', and get there.
I was and still am, very upset about how they handled it, and yet I've learned even more about me. Perhaps it is true that we are all reflections of different aspects of each other. If this is so, then, I think it will be much easier now. We think, we act, and we create. We become or else already are what or how we want to be. I'm thankful that no one was physically hurt during all this. Now it is time to move on, and create my reality the way I truly want it to be. One thing I've learned over the last few months, you can't get anything if you have no idea what you want. All you get is what you don't want.
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