Sunday, February 15, 2009

ye gods....and ADHD

HI All,
I gotta tell ya, the last two weeks of trying to get my websites updated has been a bitch. I have been having so much trouble focusing that I haven't made much progress. Nothing I've tried has seemed to make a difference.
while I don't mind having ADHD, I really hate it when it gets in the way of doing what I feel I need to do. I mean, it's a straight forward thing to update and maintain a website(s). So what is the problem? I have no idea, I feel kinda lost.
I also feel as if I've lost my passion for quite a few things. And I'm not the only one, I have a really good friend who is experiencing the same thing. Sometimes I wish I would just outsource some of the work. But then I wouldn't have the pleasure of doing it myself, would I?
I think I'm just doing some internal work. I'll be glad when it's done so I can get back to focusing. I usually have trouble focusing anyway, but recently, it's been worse than usual.
Any suggestions would be appreciated, so by all means, leave a comment. It doesn't mean I'll do it, but I'll certainly read what you have to say, and if it looks like something that would work for me, I'll give it a shot.
Thanks in advance,
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