Wednesday, October 12, 2011

a few rants and a couple of raves

It's been a long time since I wrote here. I will soon be in KY, and I graduated with honors from ITT-Tech. I was invited into the National Technical Honor Society. How cool is that? That was the raves.
Now for the rants.
I was engaged, but now I'm free again. I just flat out left him. He seemed to be perfect for me, not that he was perfect. Now I just feel betrayed, as if he had this planned out from the beginning. He lives in the country, which is fine as I like the country, and if I had just listened to what he was really saying, I would never have become involved. I was too vulnerable, and rather than listen to my intuition (big mistake), I listened to what I wanted to hear.
In the beginning, it seemed as if he couldn't do enough for me. Then he had surgery, and when he was 'back on his feet', he totally changed. Even his family noticed it, of course I was given the blame for that. I played nursemaid and took care of him while he recuperated. His sister lied on me, not that he will admit it now that I'm gone, and probably didn't admit it when he knew I couldn't hear him talk about me. He loves to run his mouth to people; he lies and gossips and shares all your business with whoever he talks to. Bummer! I prefer my privacy and if I wanted it told I would tell it myself, thank you very much.
Now I'm visiting my daughter and her neighbor is a freaking bully. Always harassing and bullying everyone in the mobile home park, acting like their the boss. Also, the police won't even do anything, they won't even come here and make a report. Even when she goes to the police department, they still won't do anything or make a report.
These people have been thrown out of at least one town, and they're apparently dealing or trading but it's rather hard to get any evidence of it. The freakin' landlord won't do anything. I don't think he even reads the rules to the park, if so he could say he wasn't aware of it. However, he is breaking the law by not enforcing the rules and ignorance is no excuse for it. He just doesn't like to stand up and do what is right.
Other than that, it's all peachy kean!
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