Wednesday, September 5, 2012

"To Thine Own Self Be True" Shakespeare

What exactly does it mean to be true to yourself? If you cannot be true to yourself, you certainly may have trouble being true to others. It may mean different things to different people. So, I will just tell you what it means to me.
I have ADHD, and mood swings. I don't, contrary to some peoples' opinion, expect everything to go my way 24/7, nor do I expect to be treated like a princess. Although if I were your woman, it might be nice to be treated this way. I know we all have disappointments, but we all have positive things going on in our life as well.
I don't need to be on meds although there are a few that will probably disagree. The only reason someone wants me on psychotropic drugs is to make it easier to control me. That is my job, not someone elses'. I was on a couple of different drugs recently and had really bad reactions from them, and yet instead of worrying about me, the idiot wants to know what I told the doctor in order for him to take me off them. I am somewhat dominate, not submissive. I like my little ole rebel self and I don't need meds.
I went to my doctor today and told him the pattern I found concerning my depression and anger and you know what he said? That I needed to stay away from psychotropic drugs. Thank GOD for doctors who have the sense and the balls to listen to their patients!
Being true to myself means walking the path I've chosen, regardless of whether anyone else agrees or not.
I'll be so glad to get the hell out of here.
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