Wednesday, April 17, 2013

No excuses, but plenty of reasons, evil people

What an odd title you may be thinking. Not really. I've been trying for days, nay, for weeks to write this post. And yet, every time I wish to write something, I end up thinking, "What's the use?" There really is plenty of use. There is even plenty of reasons. Yes, the plural.

I get really tired of hearing people put me down for all the things they say I do, when it's usually them they are usually talking about. Yes, I'm referring to narcissistic people. Not only are they hard on a person emotionally, they are also bullies when it suits their purposes. They're purpose is usually to take down whomever won't fall into line and worship them.

I know that most of the things said to me are really about themselves, and yet a few things are somewhat true. Such as "And you've updating that website for how long?" A long time, and quite a few times. And yet, he doesn't realize, nor does he care, that you must update on a regular basis, to "keep up with the times" as well as any time you add or remove something.

If it takes me forever, so what? It's not as if it is a life and death situation. It's also hard to do anything if you constantly have to wonder what so-and-so thinks about what you're doing. I have decided that I will update my pages with me in mind and not care if someone else doesn't like it.

The same thing with writing articles. I will write about only the subjects I enjoy; those which fascinate me and which I either know or want to research it. I have tried to write about boring subjects (not to you, perhaps. But to me they are.) and it just wasn't possible. This isn't laziness, but it is the way I need to work. I have ADHD, which is Attention Deficit Disorder with Hyperactivity. My focus will be gone like the wind if it is boring to me. There is no connection for me to hold onto. I have actually tried and didn't succeed. Even in school, I had the same problem.

Now on to the evil people. They are bullies, and narcissistic. They live in the northeast, and yes I know them. I shan't mention either they're names, nor the location. The way they just absolutely to ruin people's lives is totally amazing. They have a superiority complex, are narcissistic, and egotistical. They shall get what's coming to them. What goes around, comes around. Further, I believe they have hired people of the magickal variety, read that as witches, etc. She ain't gonna win; never mind the perfectly atrocious English. I detest people like her and her family. that's all I'm gonna say for right now.

Oh, and all others involved, directly or indirectly? I truly hope they wake the hell up and see the truth. They have known this family for years and still believe the most ludicrous lies and nonsense. What the hell is wrong with you people??? Grow a pair and set the wrongs to right. For crying out loud, this isn't the first family they have targeted!

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