Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cyber Warrior Review

Cyber Warfare

Techniques, Tactics and Tools for Security Practitioners

When you look at the title, you may or may not wonder what this book is about. But if you look at the subtitle, you know what it’s about. As with other books in the cyber and computer security genre that I’ve read and reviewed, this one is also full of knowledge and things I’ve never even thought of.
The author explains what cyber warfare is, and where it is probably headed. It also gives a few defenses against it. It also explains about social engineering. Like Facebook, and other social networks, for example. I think people put too much personal information on these sites. That is just asking for trouble.
I think, and could be wrong, that social networks are there for a number of reasons. For instance, I can connect with friends and family on Facebook. I can post personal photos, or even photos of graphics I’ve made or crafts I’ve worked on and completed. I can network on Facebook or other social websites in order to garner possible freelance work. I’m located on Elance, as well as LinkedIn. But I haven’t utilized Facebook or even LinkedIn for work. I find my work on Elance. Why not, you may be asking? For the same reason as this book was written. And yet, I’m possibly in just as much danger of getting caught up in cyber warfare on those websites as anywhere else. Even our own blogs are not exempt.
If you are at all concerned, then please consider buying this book. If you’re not concerned, perhaps you should be. When you consider the fact that so many identities are being stolen each year, it does become scary. Much of the information can be garnered by using Facebook and other social sites. Social websites are supposed to be a safe place to hang out with family, friends and acquaintances. There are also people who use these websites to find work. There is just so much personal information available on any of these websites that it’s scary. But we, as citizens can’t stick our head in the sand and pretend it doesn’t exist.
If anyone asks, I do in fact recommend this book to everyone. It makes a nice addition to my personal library.

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