Friday, March 30, 2007

looks like rain, more on hacking

Hi all,
It looks like it might rain, I can see it even tho it isn't raining yet. Garnet, I wish you luck with Karen. I hope Libby is continuing with her art. It's the neatest. I hated being hacked, but now I have an incentive to take a crash course in Linux, hacking and security. I have a little knowledge about all three subjects, but I need a refresher on all three. Guess I shoulda been paying attention Damn, I might end up being a techie yet. How cool is that? I wouldn't mind a walk inthe rain if it's a light rain. But then Dave isn't here, so I think I'll probably stay in. Hey, what's the fun in walking alone? Besides I need to read a ton of stuff. Yeah, I know, this is goofy. So what? It's still a free country. Yes we are loosing our freedoms, little by little. Freedom isn't free. I don't think we need to always be at war, and there are times when I don't agree with many things that are done in the name of Democracy. That goes for "in the name of god" as well. But we're still the country where we do have some freedom left. And we are free to think as we please. Free to worship as we please, which I understand is still under fire in some ways. If you're a witch, people think all kinds of idiotic things about you. Like we worship satan. How can we worship that which we don't even believe in? Even so, I would rather live here than any other country in the world. Ya'll take care now.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with Linux, and don't be shy about asking for help. It won't be long and I'll be asking YOU for help, especially with the security stuff. Like I told you last night, I think you should just wipe out what I did and start installing from scratch. Use the notes I gave you as a guide, but not like they're written in stone, you will want to do things your own way. I also suggest you join a forum, like, that way you can get help from others if you get stuck, or just share experiences.

Thanks for your good wishes, and I wish you and Dave all the best.


Jerry said...

Your blog is great as always. Garnet was right about and there are other good site as well.