Friday, April 6, 2007

a few rambling thoughts

I was thinking, might be nice to have a harem. Never have to worry about someone to go out with it, just make a choice as to who. That might be fun. Seriously tho, (even if I was serious, and who's to say I'm not?), it might be fun. It has it's bright side, ya know. Hell, if we are 'serial' dating, it amounts to the same thing.
Yesterday, I studied, chatted and cleaned. More of the same today. I'm thinking I might move here...that would be fun, and I'd have plenty of privacy. I could get some serious studying done. I love life! It is so beautiful. And if you think I've not had my fair share of heartaches, then you are sadly mistaken. I have. It's time to have fun, make friends, learn more about the things that interest me. This is my time, now, and I'm going to make the most of it.

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dave said...

i'll post whatever i want to post.. just like you do...
your leaving me without a reason.. thats a little cowardly..i think there's more too it than your letting on.. and you talk about honor....what is that?