Thursday, April 5, 2007

more about the bs

Where do we, as individuals, get off on letting people use us? Does it make us feel any better? In my case, no it doesn't. I absolutely detest liars. They are not to be trusted. If you can't get your life in order, then it's because either you're too lazy, or you don't care about it. I care about people. Regardless of who they are. But, guess what folks? I have a life, I have friends. I'm happy, both with my friends, and with myself. Life is great. There are a few things I would change. But most of those involved making bad decisions based on erronious facts. In other words, I was lied to. That usually costs me, in one way or another. And I gotta say, when this Mr. T in "the A Team" would say..."I pity the fools..."
I really do, sorta...tehy deserve whatever the universe hands out to them. I'm always glad when I'm not around to be in the fallout. I do as the Universe asks, and the Universe takes care of me. So it's a simple give and take relationship. Don't you wish you had one like that?
So I'm not perfect, neither is anyone else. But that's ok, because we learn until we are. I think the reason I'm like I am, and there are many others like me, is that the Universe needs us. Even your idea of God needs us. You see, the Universe doesn't create a nobody. We all have bodies. And we're here, all of us, for our individual purposes. I'm not sayng any more right now, so ya'll just come on back and read the next segment of this blog. Btw: I'm having fun with the dogs, who are sleeping right now. Meaning, I'm getting some things done. And I'll be studying soon. Magick, computers, linux..(had a lesson on linux networking this morning from a linux network guru), security, and anything else I need to be studying. I'm working on making my life better. What the hell are you doing?

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