Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday..I would say...

Hi all,
Yeah, I would say tgif, but I since I'm not on a schedule, it really doesn't matter if it's friday or not. Gods, but I'm happy! My man certainly contributes to my happiness. I couldn't be more happy with him, if I tried. He's not perfect, any more than I am, but he's perfect for me. I was wondering, to a friend, a few days before I met Charlie...would I be able to actually live with someone after all this time. Especially since it seems to get screwed up a fair amount. In my heart, I know I can. I am usually restless after a little while, no matter where I am, and yet here I feel peace, I'm comfortable here. Maybe comfortable isn't a really good word, but it is a good start. I'm not constantly feeling restless, as if there is something just over the horizon I have to do, or somewhere I need/want to be. I don't want to be anywhere but with my guy. In my book, he's simply the best. And I'd go with him anywhere. He treats me as an equal, and my opinions matter to him. I know that my friends also value my opinion, but it's so much sweeter when your man does too. I know he truly loves me. As I truly love him.
And if you're wondering, fine, but how is this different than say...NM? Or any of the other relationships I was in, such as the one in VA? Easy. This one is a for real, I can and do implicitly trust him, if he says a thing, you can bank on it. I read people very easily, and usually there feels like something out of sync, although I don't say anything about it. I love Charlie, and he loves me. Like his bike, too . She's a real beauty. (Charlie, I didn't say that just for you. I said it because it's true, and besides, she likes me. lol)
As far as love goes, this man is my whole world. I do have friends, and will continue to keep in contact with them. He has friends, and will keep in contact with them. We didn't stop living because we found each other, but rather enhanced each other's lives. But as far as anything else, we both know the words, fidelity, honor, and committement. We intend to keep these words alive in our life. We are committed to each other. As far as I'm concerned, whether we actually get married or not, I am his wife, his mate, his woman...the one who sits in the bitch seat on the bike.
I suppose that's enough for now; I need to make a couple of calls, and clean house.

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