Saturday, April 21, 2007

saturday's musings

Wow! My bro's birthday! Picked up a card, a 6 pack of Bud...only beer worth drinking, imo, ...went there, made him the candy I promised. Good time. Of course, anywhere I'm with my man is a good time...make that an excellent time. Went on the freeway, lost my Shoulda tied it tighter. Live and learn.
He's been gone a few minutes, and I already miss him. He's only at work, I know this, but it doesn't make me miss him any less.
Tuesday, we take care of a couple of things, then hit the road for awhile. I feel the need to feel the wind in my face, and the sing of the road beneath the wheels. I feel the need for that sense of freedoms he gives me, and the sense of freedom I feel on the bike.
There has always been a time when I could 'hear' other people in my mind, but it was usually more feelings, or pics than words, although occaisonally it would be words. With Charlie, we constantly know exactly what the other one is thinking. It is so cool. We connect on so many levels. We touch each other on the core levels, as well as all other levels.
Enough mushy stuff for now.

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