Sunday, April 22, 2007

the ocean, and the mountains

HI all,
Ya know, I really miss the ocean. Sometimes, I'm asked what my fantasies are. I don't really have any, not what I think of as fantasies. But if I do, it would be to ride a white horse along the edge of the surf. Bareback, because I have trouble riding with a saddle. Not that I ride much, hell I haven't ridden in years.
Horses, like motorcycles, represent freedom to me. Besides which, horses play an important part in my dreams. They know me when they see me, and they dance with joy to see me. I love animals, and many things in nature. I've often thought about going into the mountains, so far back it would take you three days to get there, and just staying there. No, I'm not thinking about it now. Could I survive? Yes I could. How do I know? Have I done it before? No, I haven't. I know because I am a survivor.
Some of my fondest memories are of running the hills in WV, when I was growing up. "Running the hills" simply means I spent a lot of time there getting to know the area well, and getting to know myself. The reason I explained that term is because someone once asks me.
Back to the ocean. I had never heard of Cape Cod when I moved there in 1988. On the map, it looks as if it is so close to the ocean, it's a wonder it doesn't fall into the ocean. I thought, please let there be trees. There are, a variety. Russian Olive is one of my favorites, but htey also have silver maple, oak, elm, different varieties of pine, and many others. It was one of the few places I felt at home. I learned a lot in Chatham, and met ,any interesting people. A few idiots too. I'm sure you know how resort towns are. Like on summer day when Joey and I were walking thru town. Three women were standing in the middle of the damn side walk. After about three minutes, I said "Excuse me." And they were real apologetic, but as I told Joey, "Damn tourists, expect local people to walk in the street while they stand in the middle of the sidewalks and talk." Yes I was rude. Some people don't deserve any better. You wanna get treated better, then treat others as you wish to be treated. LIke when we were driving home from Alan's today, some idiot in a white truck thought he was going to come over into our lane, while we're in it. How fuckin' stupid is that? Assanine bunch of crap. Hell, the road is for all who drive. Even when I did drive, I didn't pull this crap. I was aggressive where needed, but I didn't try to be a road hog. Oh, and when we were at Sam's Club, some bitch pulled out in front of us, she didn't even look. And then women wonder why people gripe about women drivers. Thing is, some men drive just as bad.
Yes I noticed I'm all over the board on this one. Back to subject, unless I think of other stuff I want to say. I msis the ocean, and I miss the mountains. But not as I once did. But I surely do miss Charlie. Hank Williams, Jr is singing "Eleven Roses" right now. I love roses and other flowers. Shortly after I started dating here in Phoenix, I ask the guys to try a little experiment. I would picture something in my mind, then tell me what they see. Not once could anyone pick it up, a few guesses, usually nowhere close. I pictured a single red rose in my mind. Since I'd not been doing this before, (the experiment), I wasn't sure why I was doing this. Now, I just think of something, and Charlie picks up on it. I think this is great. Marvelous even. It saves us from having a lot of misunderstandings.
When I lived in Chatham, I used to go shell fishing. It was the coolest thing. I loved wading in the ocean. On that note, I'll let you go for now, since it's 2:02 a.m. and I'm really tired.

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Ezryder said...

When Charlie's at work he misses his Honey Bear too. He often forgets what he's doing at work because is mind is with her, thinking of spending time out on the bike("Lil Bit")with the sun on his face, the wind in his hair, the freedom of the open road and the most beautiful woman in the universe riding behind him, her arms around his waist, his hand on her leg. Charlie has truely been blessed by the Gods and rewarded with the love of someone that can only be described as an angel. To be in her arms is to be in heaven. He is the luckiest man in the world and will cherish her till the end of time.