Wednesday, April 25, 2007

reality; why?

Hey all:
Why what? Many things. Such as why is it called a drive thru when you drive by the window, not thru it? That one is from Charlie. Why do we take so long to learn things? Such as the fact that we are responsible for our own reality. Been there, done that. What to write about? Good question. I could write about my day, and bore ya. But I could also write about things I've been thinking about this week. There are things that are destined to happen to this world, and it isn't something that can be rescinded. While I believe we do create our reality, it has taken so long for mankind to even begin to learn the truth, that I think it is a case of the perverbial "too little, too late". Mankind believes God is in control of everything. In a sense, they are right....but the god in control is you. You choose how you want to live. Sometimes we don't know any better, but until we learn, we repeat the same mistakes. If we had been taught the truth from the beginning, things would be farther along than now. But due to man's arrogance, we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes, until the Universe decides it is time to raise mankind's consciousness whether we are ready or not. There are people who are more than ready, but there are many who are not. These people, whether they are Christians, or another religion, if they do not know the truth, they will think it is divine retribution by the Christian God. This isn't true, but they won't understand what is truly happening.
The reason we aren't taught the truth is really simple. Politics, control, greed. The only reasons to keep the truth from the "common" people. Besides which, if we knew the truth, they wouldn't be able to control every facet of our lives. If they weren't in control, they would lose a lot of money.
Sometimes, like today when we were on the bike, I think about things. Like people's driving etiquette. When you start driving, you learn very fast how rude people can be. You can be driving along, and then somebody just absolutely has to try to take your section of the road. Do you ever think, where do they get these people? Of course I think that about many people. Like people who lie, they think they won't get caught. No, I haven't been lied to recently. But when I'm on the back of that bike, I hate it when some asshole thinks he/she has the right to the whole frickin' road. Then I find myself thinkin', Are these people worth it? As much as I hate it, yes they are. Why? Because they are loved by the Divine Will as am I, and they are ignorant. There is no cure for stupidity, but there is for ignorance, because anyone can learn if they choose. Why do you people buy into all the lies that are propagated? Don't you have better things to do than believe all that crap? You might be a very nice person, but someone might call you a jerk. Does that make it true? Of course not. People are so afraid of change, and things they don't know, they refuse to believe the truth.
Hell, I'm tired of all this. Think about it. There has to be something in your life that you've changed just by thinking about it and believeing it could be done. So, go live your petty little lives, and keep on believing all the lies you wish.
As for me, I'm going to work on my own reality.

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