Thursday, April 26, 2007


Hey all,
How ya doing? I wish ya peace, and love.
Twice in the last month, I have been accused of being a hypocrit. I looked up the word 'hypocrit', in case I misunderstood the definition.
MSN Encarta defines it as:
hypocritical- falsely claiming high principles: showing, originating from, or of the nature of hypocrisy
hypocritical (adj)insincere, two-faced, duplicitous, deceitful, phoney, false
And Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary says:
Main Entry: hy·poc·ri·sy Pronunciation: hi-'pä-kr&-sE also hI-Function: nounInflected Form(s): plural -siesEtymology: Middle English ypocrisie, from Anglo-French, from Late Latin hypocrisis, from Greek hypokrisis act of playing a part on the stage, hypocrisy, from hypokrinesthai to answer, act on the stage, from hypo- + krinein to decide -- more at CERTAIN1 : a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not; especially : the false assumption of an appearance of virtue or religion2 : an act or instance of hypocrisy
The Free Online Dictionary also says:
hy·poc·ri·sy(h-pkr-s)n. pl. hy·poc·ri·sies 1. The practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not hold or possess; falseness.2. An act or instance of such falseness.
[Middle English ipocrisie, from Old French, from Late Latin hypocrisis, play-acting, pretense, from Greek hupokrisis, from hupokrnesthai, to play a part, pretend : hupo-, hypo- + krnesthai, to explain, middle voice of krnein, to decide, judge; see krei- in Indo-European roots.]

Now that I know I understand the definition of the word, I will respond. The first person who accused me of sometimes being hypocritical, didn't remember one instance of me being hypocritical, the second person, says it's because I don't listen. Neither one fits the definition. I am tolerant of your right to believe any way you choose, but I refuse to listen to stuff that I've already covered. One can be tolerant, and accept another persons' right to an opposing viewpoint. I have been wrong lately, in bitching about people not listening. For that I apologize. But know this, if what you have to say is something I have already experienced, and questioned, maybe even discarded, then don't expect me to listen. But I will not apologize for what I believe.
Furthermore, this dance called life is wonderful. Even on my darkest days, I believe that. And, I really don't care if you believe what I believe or not. My 'job' is to learn and believe, not convert you. People do change their reality, which is a subjective term. Some don't even realize it at the time, but then start thinking about it and use that as a catalyst to change.
Hypocrits act one way, but 'preach' another. Since that isn't what I do, the wrong word is being used. No one is coercing you into reading what I post here. Everyone has had, and will continue to have different life experiences, based on any number of criteria. While what I believe may seem to be far-fetched, it is my right to believe it.
I am glad this happened tho, it was a reality check from 'my people'. I was concentrating on the wrong things. I need and want to concentrate on changing my reality. You are not what you think you are, but rather what you think.

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