Thursday, May 10, 2007

a few thoughts

Hi All,
I don't know if I have a lot to say or not in today's' post. I had a great time with a friend yesterday. We did a lot of talking about many things. He is one of the few people I talk to about magick that understands what I"m referring to. We have some really intense discussions about things. Including the coming earth changes.
Speaking of which, we've both had feelings of things to come, and of steps we need to take to get thru these changes. The changes are not only physical for the earth, but are mental, and spiritual for the people.
There are many who won't understand, and will think it's the apocalypse of Revelations. They will perceive many to be demons or prophets, because they don't understand what is going on. I empathize with them, and truly understand how/why they think the way they do. There are going to be entities who don't have humankind's best interests at heart here. Hey if I was the enemy, I'd make a preemptive strike right in the middle of the chaos. As well as sow a few red herrings along the way before the change begins.
And since I'm not the enemy, I need to think like them in order to know how they will
act. Regardless of what religion we practice, we are all taught about certain things, which may or may not be erroneous. Tings are not always what whey seem. People are not always what they seem to be either. If you're a christian, the bible tells you that you may entertain angels unaware, the same could be said of what you think of as demons. Therefor, the watchers, the warriors, and the guardians are also not perceived as different by humans, and yet they are here for your protection and to help when the time comes.
Many will think that these entities are demons, when in fact they are here to help you, but since you don't know that, you'll try to kill them. Little do humans know about the Universe, and her true workings. Little do you understand about living here, the lessons you have to learn, the reality you are creating even now as I type this. When an advanced entity comes here, who does understand at a little of the truth, you usually react in fear and kill them. Not all is as it seems.
You claim to want world peace, and that you are tolerant of other people's belief systems. And yet, it's always "my way, or we'll blow you to hell and back", so to speak. How can you legitimately say this is what you want when your actions speak louder than words? All countries should be allowed the freedom to make choices. We don't have to like their choices, the people make their own reality based on a number of things. I don't agree with many things people do, but it is their choice.
I guess I've said enough for now.
Peace comes to those who will allow her to.

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