Monday, May 7, 2007


Hi All,
It is with a sad heart that I inform you that I am back at my brothers' home. It didn't work out with me staying at the apartment where Charlie and I lived. I won't go into details out of respect of Charlie, but there is definitely lack of understanding when people re-word your statements so that what you say isn't what you said at all.
I think it is probably easier to be here than in the old apartment. All things work for our good, so they say. I miss Charlie, and I always will. But it is time to move on. yes, I will mourn, and since I can't go to the funeral, since there isn't going to be one, I will have my own memorial service. The sisters say they are going to do the cremation, then bury him beside his dad, and that there isn't going to be a funeral service. I will forgive them, but for them to be so callous in their dealings of both Charlie and myself is ludicrous. Maybe they have since yesterday re-thought the situation and decided to have one, but I doubt it, perhaps they will have a memorial service. It is out of my hands now. But I intend on drinking a long neck Bud and toasting Deuce, and I don't give a damn whether they like it or not. Here's to you Deuce, who once told me he had thought about legally changing his name to Deuce, no last name, just Deuce. Duk tayp, baby, no geese, forever.

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