Wednesday, June 20, 2007

busy day today, updating webpages...

Hi All,

I had a very interesting conversation yes. When man went from being prey to predator, that is when he became destructive. Some animals are the same way. Therefore I was wrong, in my assessment that mankind is the only one who kills for no reason. So maybe it's just where we are on the food chain that determines whether we are this destructive or not. Regardless, there is no excuse for it.

Maybe I can get my web pages updated today, but I sure wouldn't bet on it. Maybe I need to listen to ACDC's Thunderstruck, it will occupy one part of my brain so the other part can actually get something done. That is how I did it the last time when I had trouble getting started. I like doing the web pages, but have trouble getting it together in my head, or maybe it's getting started at all. Damn! Aren't we morose today? lol

I started this on the 18th or so, but am finishing it now, the 21st. I've been busy organizing my pc...sometimes I think the pc is similar to my mind. But that's ok, I know it will be easier to keep track of things once I have it organized. Haven't slept much either.
On top of that, I had a dream in which I was told about things happening, and given a choice: follow the old ways, or the new ways. I think the old ways are probably dealing with the old path, but I'm not sure about the new ways. On the other hand, it could be different ways of looking at things. If things are going to be that much different if we have a pole shift, then there will be a different way of looking at things. So I'm opting for that being the meaning of new way. Regardless, I'm very adaptable, so I can do that.

I've been thinking some deep thoughts lately, for the last few days. I'm also hyper, but thank the gods, not overly hyper. That's the reason I'm not sleeping, I don't need it. But then, I need a nap thru the day, and can't sleep at night. Before anyone makes a suggestion that if I stay up during the day, I can sleep at doesn't work that way. Doesn't work that way for my daughters either. Even if I stay up, I still can't sleep when it's time to go to bed. Just depends on what I'm thinking about, and doing in that time period. However, my dreams aren't related to what I'm doing, but rather what I'm thinking about. Thinking about to perceive patterns, in order to perceive the truth of the situation. I've been wondering if there will be a pole shift, and if so, when...ok, so far in my dream it was winter. Fine, there was a lot of snow, up to my knees. The animals were starving. Could be that this is after the shift, I think it would probably take about 6 months for ready food to run out. But then this depends on a number of variables, some of which are unknown. There was very little food to be had, these animals were domestic dogs which had turned wild.
It really doesn't matter, now does it? Because either you will survive, or you will die and move on. If you survive, and are here, you will be rebuilding, and learning many new things. There won't be any of the amenities we have today. This isn't something many are used to. We, as a society, have grown soft. We rely too much on others, and on the conveniences of today. This isn't necessarily bad, just that if you aren't used to it, it will seem to be unbearable. It could be a little like the old west, so to speak.
Progress may be good, and is in some ways, but at what price? When we forget our heritage, and the brotherhood of man, as well as our connection to everything in this universe...I rather think the price is too high. This is my personal opinion.
The price is too high when we:
can't live in harmony with nature
can't live in harmony with mankind
can't be tolerant of other people's belief systems
can't see the fault in ourselves, but blame others for our misfortunes
can't accept people for the color of their skin
can't trust our neighbors
when we waste our natural resources
when we see conspiracy all around us...although there is some conspiracy going on
when we destroy the trees for the sake of a buck...even if there's big bucks in it
Whatever the reason, when we are no longer compassionate, the price is too high.

I know there are things I've left off the list, and I know there are people who will disagree. I don't really care. As I said, it's merely my opinion.
Peace for those who seek her,
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