Tuesday, June 19, 2007

nice day today

Hi Ya'll,

Yeah, I decided to do a little drawl there. I talk in a somewhat southern accent, so I guess it doesn't hurt to write like it just a little. So why did I decide to stay here in Phoenix? Instead of running away? Isn't that what it would've amounted to? I don't run away from anything. Period. I have better things to do, and better ways of handling it than that. Besides is that not what I was bitching about my daughters for doing? They didn't want to practice magick anymore, because things are bad for them. To me, that is the time to dig in, hunker down, and let the games begin. In other words, take action. If I left, I'd be doing the same thing. I decided to do things my way.

I'm glad I decided to stay, so here I am. I think magick can be used to correct our mistakes. I use it to make my life better. And while it is manipulative, so is anything else for that matter, it isn't used to hurt anyone. It is termed manipulative because it manipulates something. In this case, to bring change into my surroundings, to help me to be a better person. The following quote is from today's horoscope at http://www.tarot.com/ :

"Your thoughts can have a powerful impact on others now and you are willing to do battle to defend your beliefs. You can be quite convincing, but someone may feel as if you are beating him or her down with your persistence, rather than relying on the substance of your ideas. Go ahead and put them out there knowing the best ones will be embraced eventually. "

I don't care if anyone believes as I do or not, it's a personal thing, how you believe. If I insisted that all believe as me, it would be really boring...not to mention not being right. Belief is a personal thing, a person must find and follow their own path. Regardless of whether anyone else believes that way or not. It doesn't matter if anyone else believes, it's important that you find your own way, and find peace, the peace that surpasseth understanding. Even in the midst of turmoil, regardless of how I'm acting, or what's going on, I feel peaceful most of the time. Which just means that at that particular time, I'm not in total alignment with the Divine Will.

I do try to maintain alignment with the Divine Will, it just makes things so much easier for me. I try not to ask for things that I don't really want. But I do make requests for things I want or need, which is often synonymous. I believe that what I need or want will come to me, when I need it. Just as I believe that I have all the right answers to all the right questions, I know what I need to know when I need to know it. That isn't saying that I know everything, because I don't. I just know what works for me. It might not work the same way for others.

I think we all need to be in harmony with nature. With our surroundings. It's particularly hard when there's a lot of yelling and fighting...been there done that. Ain't gonna happen again. There's been enough drama in my life. Hell if I want drama, I'll be the one to create it. I sure as hell don't need any help on that score. Been there done that as well. That ain't gonna happen either. See, I'm an independent, feisty little woman, and if I don't like what's happening...I can and will leave. The door won't hit my butt on the way out, either. There'll be no arguing, no begging, no anything...except me leaving. I don't have to put up with bull from anyone. Hell, even if someone else paid my freakin' bills, I still wouldn't put up with bull. No point in it. Life is too sweet, and too short. Let's live like we mean it, not just pretend that we are. What would you do if today was your last day? Would you forgive old hurts? Would you make sure you kissed your mate goodbye before work? Would you go do the things you've been putting off until a better time? Would you tell your friend you really do love him/her, and then let him/her deal with it? Would you be too afraid to say anything? What if he/she rejected you? That would be a bitch now wouldn't it? But what if he/she loved you in return? Would you go fishing, or walking on the beach? I'm sure you get the idea. Go dance, do whatever you've wanted to for so long. Take the day off, or just do what you want to do.
Peace to all of you,
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