Saturday, June 9, 2007

magick with a K

Hi All,
I suppose that most of you who know me understand why I spell magick with a 'K'. It is to differentiate between 'real' magick and the stage variety. Now there's no argument that illusion is a type of magic. The magick I work is real in the sense that while I might be creating an illusion, it lasts, where as stage magick is gone with the magician. The stage magician might appear to saw a woman in half, but this is just illusion, or even turn scarves into doves. The magick I do, such as casting a spell for money, protection or anything else will last.
All people do magick without realizing it. Magick is energy, all things are energy...even thoughts. Everything that exists, past, present and future, are only thoughts manifested by the thinker. What you focus on is what you draw to you. In order to change the way things are, you must first find out what it is you need to do. Then take action accordingly. Decide upon your intent, focus on your desire, then send your request out to the Universe. To 'God', or whatever it is you believe in. I believe in many gods and goddesses, I find them fascinating. I talk to them, as well as to the Universe. I talk to animals, plants, trees, things...whatever it is that I need/want to talk to. I see spirits and hear them, so I talk to them as well. They have always been there. Right now, my life is where I want it to be. If I were to say it is getting to where I want it to be, it would always be getting there, but not there yet. So I say it is there. Think about it, there is a difference. I am always working on it, to refine it, so it is always in the present. Picture in your mind that which you desire, see it as already having happened. Don't worry about how or where it comes from, just let the thoughts go out into the Universe. Dont' focus on your lack, that is all you will get if you do. You will multiply nothing by nothing. Think on what you would do with the money, rather than the lack of money. A personal little story along this line. I was walking to working and needed money. I worked 10 hours a day, 4 days a week. That day I had no money for coffee, snacks, or even cigarettes. I thought I wish I had a dollar, but if I find a dollar...what will I use it for? Coffee? cigarettes? a snack? I knew that if I found a dollar I would have to make a choice, so I said I would buy the cigarettes, but also get coffee if there were enough left. I'm not working for 10 hours without cigerettes. I kept picturing in my mind what I would do if I had a dollar, then thought..well..if I had two, I could get coffee, cigerettes, and a snack. I kept walking, and thinking. Within 10 minutes, I saw this folded up piece of paper on the street, so I picked it up. I realized it was money, but what denomination? Unfolding it I saw that it was a dollar, when I had it unfolded...I found it to be 2 one dollar bills. So...I had cigerettes, coffee and a snack. I use to do that all the time when I was getting low on cigerettes, sometimes I would find a cigerette pack with money inside. That's just one of the little 'magickal' things I do. It comes naturally. I didn't even know that's what it was until I started reading about it. In other words, I was practicing magick all along. lol And didn't even know it. I'm actually glad I was doing it before I knew what it was, because I had my own proof that it works. Some people use it for parking spaces, or traffic lights.
And since it works so well, and since we're all connected anyway, why not use it? It's life, it's energy. It's inherent within all of us, it is menat to be used. It may take awhile, if you aren't used to using it, but it works. If you have a mop, and you also have a cloth..which are yo going to use to mop the kitchen floor with? Will you do it the easy way? Or the hard way? Which one is more efficient? Use the tool for the job. When it comes to magick, the tool fits the hand, just like a glove. Or in this case, the mind. Start out with little things, maybe you should manifest a $1.oo. Now I realize that a $1 doesn't go far, but it will prove to you that you can do this. Don't worry about where it comes from, just that it will come. See it as already there in your possession. In time you will be able to manifest other things. Even love can come into your life, when you are truly ready.
When I sat down in front of my PC, I had no idea what I was going to write. As a matter of fact, my title was "hello all", then I found myself changing it to the current title. Now I know. Someone needed to read this, it could've even been me, needing a refresher course. But someone needs it.
I wish all peace, love and laughter,
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