Tuesday, June 12, 2007

nothing much to say

Hi ya'll,
I don't have much to say today, even tho it's been a couple of days since I last posted here. Was up late last night, which is par for the course. I'm still meeting people, some interesting, some not so interesting. But when you can spend three hours just talking and laughing on the phone with someone, then someone is definitely interesting. Which includes telling a story, which I made up on the spur of the moment. Now that was cool. Should had a tape recorder! That will be rectified within the next couple of days.
Ok, now what? Oh yeah, people and respect. If you, as a guy, talk to me about your former partners...as in how good or bad they were at what, then you would be doing the same thing to me. That is disrespectful, and I have no intention of going out with someone who does that. Met a guy recently who does that very thing/ Perhaps that is why he's alone. Now I'm not talking about pretending there were never any partners, I'm referring to 'talking out of school', especially in a manner so as to paint the other persons as the ones at fault. It takes two to make a relationship work, regardless of which kind it is. There is no reason to be disrespectful of the other people. I don't like my ex, he was a sob, but I don't go around talking about him like that. I do tend to state the facts, but I don't portray it as being only his fault, nor did I talk about him sexually, except in a couple of instances. And neither of those are disrespectful. So, if you are reading this, (you know who you are), knock off the blame game and you just might find yourself a woman, but be assured, it won't be me. You already blew that. I refuse to play the blame game, and I sure as hell don't have time to waste being disrespectful to my former partners. Besides, whatever has happened in my life...has been my fault as much as anyone else's. I like to take responsibility for myself, yeah the bad as well as the good.
People are as they want to be for a variety of reason. Actually they haven't arrived there yet, but they are working on it. People are always doing something, some good...some bad...we all are. Difference is, some of us know it. We should all live in the fullness of the moment. To live as if that is the last moment we should ever live during this physical incarnation. Taste the fullness of life. I suppose that in some ways, life is just a little like sex. Some moments are very satisfying, and some are boring. A guy who appreciates breasts, for instance...he'll cup the palm of his hand around her breast, feeling the softness, the firmness of it. He'll feel the amazing contours in his hand, and then he'll taste the softness of her whole breast one little taste, one little tongue stroke at a time, working up to sucking on the nipple. He knows the value of taking the time to enjoy what he has, in the fullness of the moment. Same with any other part of the anatomy he particularly likes. Or adores. Women do so enjoy being treated as if they are the only thing that matters at the time, but then so do men. There's just something about touching, tasting, smelling a particular scent that is well worth taking the time to enjoy, and not rushing. You can't do some things well when in a rush. You might get where you want, but it isn't nearly as good. Enough sex talk. And on that note, have a pleasant day...or night if you're reading it at night.
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