Wednesday, June 6, 2007

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""You could experience one of your recurring patterns today, where two solutions to a problem are equally attractive. Although you want your freedom, you also want love. This means that you may have to surrender some of that very same independence you desire. Even if you are leaning toward the intimacy and inclusion, keep your travel options open. ""

Now how cool is that? It actually is saying that while I might find love, I should realize that I may also be leaving. I find this to be rather amusing. Like so much of my life. I suppose that when you connect with the divine within you, then most things are amusing. I definitely find this one amusing.

I read this particular horoscope page each day, and find that it is very often in sync with what's going on in my life at the time. This isn't to say it's always right, or that anyone else should go there. I do like it tho. Of course, like anyone else, I like it when things are "in sync". It does tend to make things easier. Easier isn't always better, but sometimes it is.

I like it when I can help things fall into place for me. I don't like being at odds with myself, or my surroundings. Don't really like to be at odds with others either, but whatever it takes to "get the job done", is what I'm going to do.

I believe in me, and in my abilities to get things done. As well as in the fact that I know from past experience, I can get it done. Regardless of what it is that I think I need to do. The abilities of which I speak comes from our divine self. Which in turn comes from the source of all. That which some call "God". Of course I believe in "God", but I also believe in many gods, because we all come from the divine, the source, therefore we are gods in training. I also many people scoff at this, but your non-belief doesn't make it any less true. If you ask your higher self, then listen for the will know. The Source, from which all things flow. An unending supply of everything we need. We are not just physical being, we are spirit beings in physical bodies. We are having a"human" experience, in order to understand why people are the way they ae, why they make the decisions they make, etc. If you judge someone without understanding why they do what they do, tehn you will draw that experience to you, and find yourself having to make similar decisions. Been there, done I know from first hand experience. But I have also learned that if I can think it through and understand why they made the decision they did, then I don't have to go thru that experience because I already understand.

People do make their own reality, and it's real for them. My reality is mine. Yours is yours. I choose what to let affect me, and sometimes I do a bad job of it. But as with all others, I'm learning. It's not so much how they act, as to how I react. I can choose to be happy, inside, where it counts...regardless of how things are around me. Yes I do bitch about things, and it usually means I'm thinking of a way to rectify my situation. I only bitch up to a certain point, then I take action. It isn't usually the action others want, but it is my choice of how to handle things. You can't say you weren't warned.
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