Monday, June 4, 2007

reality.....which dimension?

Hi All,
I have been thinking a lot lately about the coming pole shift. I mean, think about it, what exactly is it? Is it a physical shift? If so, how much? Is it only a dimensional shift? If so, what is that? Is there an ascension coming? Christians call this the 'rapture'. The word they base their belief on is parousia...a Greek word meaning, loose interpretation, a visitation.
And yet, think about this...does it have to be this way? If we are to enter another dimension, then why does there have to be geophysical changes? In order for the earth to be magnetically aligned with healing energies, that's why. While there will be a change, it doesn't have to be so severe as many believe. Many times we re given a chance to change our reality, to change our ways.
We can all be better people, have more compassion for our fellow man. We can all learn to live peacefully, with tolerance for each individuals belief. We, as part of the human race, need to be of an open enough mind to realize that all have the right to believe as he/she chooses. There really is no excuse for war, from a human race point of view. If you seek to always war and hate, then how can you ever learn love and peace? It does exist. In the heart of each man, woman and child there is the hope for peace, and there is the eternal wellspring of love. Why do we not let this take the lead in our human relations? Why not let it take precedence in or lives? Are we all so shallow that we cannot "live and let live"? Must we all try to be in control of others because we haven't yet learned self-control? Why? Why have we not yet learned how to be tolerant? To love instead of hate? Peace instead of war? To live in balance with our planet, instead of always abusing her? Do you not realize that the earth is a living entity? Or do you not really care?
The earth will shift, we will go thru a dimensional change, we will forget our old habits of war and hate. We will live in peace and love. We will respect Mother Earth, and stop abusing her. People always bitch and moan whenever there's a storm, an earthquake, tsunami, volcano eruption, etc...but who is to blame? This has been going on since near the beginning of time, and we have only ourselves to blame. This has happened before, and will most likely happen again. Because we seem to be rather stupid creatures. Consider this...we go thru this and yet keep repeating it because we refuse to learn. How many times must we do this before we learn? Before we get it thru our thick skulls that we are responsible for our own reality? We are responsible for how things are in our life. I'm not talking about the things that can't be changed, (because at this time, they can't be). I'm talking about things that can be. Why, for instance, do you hate a person for the color of their skin? Or the belief system they choose. Did you ever stop to think that it isn't any one person's right to make all the decisions? We are all part of the Supreme Creator, and we all have Divine Will inside us, we are all part of the Universe. There are entities living here, who come from other planes of existence, who are from other planets. What must they think about our ways? Our petty bickering? Our acting like kids or bullies? As if any of us give a damn. Maybe we should think about what others think of us, in the way in which we act. I mean, if the way we act leads another to be more tolerant, more compassionate, more loving...wouldn't that be worth it? Change begins with just one person. Who will "so let his/her light to shine" that it makes a difference. There are people like that, some are still living, some have moved on. Mother Theresa, Princess Diane, Mahatma Gandhi, Buddha, Jesus, Martin Luther King, Benjamen Franklin, Steven Spielberg, Malachi Martin, and too many to list here...but I'm sure you get the idea. These people were selfless in their desire and action to help mankind. We all need to be a little more like them. I'm not saying in how they necessarily lived their lives, but rather the actions they took. I'm not talking about giving money to a charity, which often doesn't even go to what it's supposed to. But rather the giving of our thoughts to things being better, not just when Jesus or some other entity comes back. We can all stop the atrocities we keep doing to each other if we but take action. I don't care what people think, if I did I wouldn't be writing any of this. But if my actions, or my words, make a difference...then I do care, and I'm glad. I'm not here to fix people, that is your fix yourself. You can make a difference, and don't ever let anyone tell you different.
Back to the earth changes. What if enough people believed that it didn't have to be so hard? It's good to be prepared, but if enough people were to change their thinking about it, maybe it won't be so bad. Seems to me that it's worth a shot. I would much rather think about the good and the way I want it to be than to always to dwell on the bad. Yes I do bitch about things, some of them bad, but I also am thankful for all the good. But then I've been thankful for the bad as well, since it is thru adversity we seem to learn the fastest. Which is backwards to how it could be. If we can just get past our own personal prejudices, and see others for what they are, we can do better. Look, I don't like how some people act, and it seems as if they are too stupid for words. But I can also see the god/goddess within. That part allows me to cut them some slack, but I don't have to like the way they act. It is a beginning, to realize that we aren't all perfect, but that we can still be who we are, and change our way of thinking.
ask yourself this: Is it more important to go thru geophysical changes that's going to change lives by damaging to the earth, the flora and fauna, the people, the animals, etc? Or is it more important to only go thru a dimensional change with less physical harm?
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