Tuesday, June 26, 2007

why haven't I been writing? and a few words on trust

Hey ya'll,
Actually I have, just not on here lately. I've also been busy getting my PC organized. Man, what a mess that is! I'd rather clean house than clean y PC...and I don't even like cleaning house, but then I don't like the house to be dirty either. I don't mind it looking lived in, but dirty...uhhh!!! Damn, I'd make a great bachelor, wouldn't I? Oh, in my case that's bachelorette. lol
I've been reading and leaning a lot. I love to learn stuff that I can use. My bro told me last night...actually around 2:00 or so this morning, that Bruce Lee once asked a student, in a movie, "What happens if you pour water into a full glass?" It runs over, so if your mind is full, you have to empty it in order to learn anything new. This is very true. You can't put anything into something that is already full. It must first be emptied.
Now a few words about trust. Men want their wives/girlfriends/significant other to trust them. It is harder for women to trust, not just because of past bad relationships. They are vulnerable. They don't have the physical strength of men. If you want your woman to trust you, then consistently keep your word. Let your actions be louder than words, if you give someone a promise, keep it. Women really do want to trust you, but you have to be consistent about it. This is the number one reason I keep saying that if you lie to me, I can't trust you. Oh well...some guys listen, some don't. If you don't listen, it's your loss, not mine.
Ok, enough about trust. I think that's enough for now. I'm still alive and well in beautiful Phoenix.
Peace to all,
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