Friday, July 6, 2007

who we are really

Hi All,
I suppose all of us must wonder why we're here, who we are, where we came from, and even what all this means. I do. But the difference is, now I've found even more of the answer for myself. So what I will write in the rest of this post are my personal thoughts.
We are individual expressions of god, the creator. We are all equal to god. Now just wait a minute, I can hear some of you say, and even ...blasphemy!!! Be that as it may, I still believe it. Jesus himself, said that when we see him we see the father. Of course you can also say he was speaking of himself, not others in general. If so, then why would he bother to teach that what he did, we can also do...and that we are gods, according to the bible. You read it. John 10, and also Psalms 82.
It's time for us to awaken to our own divinity. We are divine, and we are equal to god. You don't think so? Then think on this: Only god can create, and we are gods, because of a number of things. We create our own reality, based on what we think about, Jesus and the bible say so, and we are equal to god. Why should god, any god, create something less than him/herself? That would be a gross insult. Only man has the impudence to hold people in bondage to subservience, and slavery. God hasn't said to man to choose only him or you will go to said that. Just like man wants to keep women in bondage in many, pregnant and in the kitchen. The bible was written by men, ...yeah I know it says "as they were moved by the holy spirit". Sorry, I don't believe it, and if it was a spirit that told them to write that, it couldn't have been holy. Furthermore, it wasn't god the creator who told men to keep women 'in order'. Rather it was an evil from an ancient time. God created us because he wanted to see things from a different perspective, but also because he wanted to see how we would learn and what we would create. God is curious, and if it is true, the saying of "as above, so below", then he hates boredom...because we do as well.
This is my story, and I'm sticking to it.
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