Thursday, September 27, 2007

finding oneself...

How does one find oneself amidst the chaos of day to day living? Or should I say surviving? Because that is what many do, just survive. And yet we can be surrounded by the peace of just knowing that I am that I am. I will be what I will be is another way of putting it. I find it incredibly hard at times to do this, find the peace we all need. I do have a sense of peace, but at times I find it hard to experience it. Knowing the peace of being secure in oneself, knowing that we are the outward expression of all that is, the Creator, the Great Spirit is an important thing to do. We are! And yet, most of us don't act like.

Do you ever think about the word 'act'? It means to pretend. Act your age. Act like an adult. Stop acting like a child. First off all, it's a good thing to pretend sometimes. Why would you want to act like your age, when you feel like you're younger than you are? Adults usually act like children, although I notice that children usually act more like adults than adults do. As to acting like a child, it's ok to be childlike, just not childish. Children are childlike, adults are often childish. It's simply a way of seeing things. Look at rainbows, a sunrise, or sunset, the beauty of the ocean, the sound of the wind in the trees. Hell, I like to paint, and I also like to paint pictures with words. But then words always did fascinate me. Here, there and where...only one letter in different spelling, but meaning? A lot of difference. I'm here, I'm there, I'm where? If I'm here, how can I be there? Where am I? Here depends on where there is, including my thoughts. I have been accused of having the ability for 'remote viewing', and I suppose it is possible. I may not have a clear picture of what a person is wearing or even doing, and yet I sense things about them that I shouldn't know unless I'm right there. When you do remote viewing, you may be 'here' physically, but you are 'there' in the spirit. See? Fascinating isn't it? Makes for a nice play on words.
What does all this have to do with finding oneself? We need to stop letting the day to day hassle of coping with things interfere with peace. Love and Peace to all.
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