Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mother Earth

Hi All,
Did you ever watch "On Deadly Ground" starring Steven Segal? One of my favorite movies. How much truth do you think is in the movie? The message he sends is a very valid one. It is for all peoples, everywhere. We are destroying Mother Earth because of greed, politics, and ignorance.
I've heard people talk about the good ole days, and how things were so much better back then. We have wars going on, some in the physical realm, some in the spiritual realm. When wars are going on, it can't be the good ole days. When people can't breathe because of toxins in the air, they are sick because of toxins in the ground and water, it isn't the good ole days.
Yes, progress is good when it is in the right direction. Unfortunately most progress seems to be of a destructive sort. How is it progress if it hurts people? Oh yeah, I damn near forgot...if it involves money, politics or power...that's all that counts. Not the millions of people who are sick because of the toxic waste that gets dumped into the water and ground, and spilled into the air. What about the fowls of the air? The animals? The fish and mammals in the ocean? What about babies who are born with birth defects?
Those who do these things may think they are getting away with it. They aren't. They have to breathe, eat and drink as well. What affects one, affects all. Personally I think it sucks when people can put a price on life. Life is priceless. We are all connected. Those birds may have feathers, those animals may have furs and the fish may have fins but they are no less valuable in the scheme of things than people. The same Creator who made us, made them as well. Do ya think he did it just to have something to do? Maybe we all need them and they need us. There must be balance.
Time is coming very soon, when there will be retribution. The earth, our mother, is not going to stand by forever and let us screw her over. Don't you see the way the weather patterns have changed? That earthquakes have increased? Indonesia...various provinces, there were at least 20 earthquakes in about a 10 day time period.
People don't like what they see, so they have trouble seeing. If they don't like what they hear, they start losing their hearing. Even if you don't believe it, it may be true. Those of us who are more in tune with the earth know that something is about to happen. We can feel it. Some of have headaches all the time, and if there is to be an earthquake we sometimes have migraines from hell. They're worse than the usual migraines, but recede to 'normal' proportions after the quake. I've seen this on the web among others who are now experiencing it. Personally I'm tired of the pain caused by 'big brother' and big companies causing this kind of damage. Our mother, the earth, will bring things back into balance when she's ready. You who are doing this to earth will reap what you sow. This isn't a threat, it's a fact that we always get back what we send out.
If some 'little guy' did this he'd be in jail...but not where there's money concerned. Money equals power. Power is a good thing, but absolute power corrupts absolutely. There is no excuse for this, there are alternative ways to do things. Look at Nikola Tesla. He figured a way for everyone to have free electric power. Guess what happened to him? And now look at our power bills every month. At one time, if you needed air in your tires, it was free. Not anymore. Our very rights are constantly being taken from us, and it is often done in such an ingenious way that we aren't even aware of until it is too late.
We all need to wake up, stop the madness and try to repair the damage we've done to mother earth. If we don't, she will.
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