Saturday, September 1, 2007

love, fear, and relationships...

Hi All,
Why do we want relationships? Why do we yearn for another person to be in our lives? Especially those of us who have had really bad relationships in the past? And are we to let that fear ruin our chance for happiness? So to speak. Why are we afraid of relationships? Why are we looking outside ourselves for happiness? What is it about another person in our lives that make us feel so damn good?

We, as a species, hate to be alone. Even if we like our own company, and are comfortable with ourselves. It seems as if something is missing, as if we are only a part of the whole. Then comes along the man or woman that we feel a connection with, and we feel whole. Sometimes relationships turn bad, but we shouldn't be afraid to take a chance on another one. We can't let the fear run our lives. So many people do. Rather than take a person at face value, we let a host of other things take precedence. As for happiness...that is inside each of us or it's not to be found. People say to another, "You make me so happy!" But what we mean is, you really add to my happiness. If we are, already happy. We can be happy and sad at the same time.

We yearn for another person to make us whole. We are individuals, and yet the bond of love is such that we feel as if we have come home, and the part we seem to sense as being with us. We are often afraid of making the same mistake again, but if we learn why we made it the first time, perhaps we can avoid making the same mistake again.
We enjoy sharing. That is one of the reasons we feel so good when we have another person in our lives. We don't want to be alone, we weren't created to be alone. There is no reason to be alone, unless you choose to be. If you find the person that is right for you, that you are right for...then go for it. Leave the past behind.

People are always so afraid of so many things. Age. He/she is too old, too young. Can't keep up, what if he/she dies? Then I'll be alone again. Money. Maybe he/she is only interested in my money. Maybe they just want to use me, for whatever. Well...some people do use others to get what they want. But some people don't. Not everyone is out to take you for whatever they can. That doesn't even have anything to do with how rich or poor a person is, there are rich people who want to get all they can, so don't go thinking that just because a person is well-off, they aren't going to use you. Besides which, you can always do a background check on the person. They shouldn't mind if they have nothing to hide. I mean if you are getting really serious about a person.

Ok, enough of that. You all have a good day.
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