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Hi All,

There's much on the web about the year 2012 and what might happen. I've had quite a few dreams over the years about it, as well as many thoughts on it. While I think there will be many geophysical changes I also think there will be other types of change. Our consciousness will be raised. Our bodies may also undergo changes. Any time there is a major change in the earth, there is bound to be changes in our bodies.

I know some people think it is 'Armageddon', and many think there are 'aliens' or 'space brothers' coming to assist us. There are other species living among us, some are born here, some have decided to by-pass all this (the birth/growing up process) and use another persons' body.

I personally believe that I am from another system who chose to be born here. Doesn't matter what someone else believes about this, it's what I believe that counts. It isn't even about believing, it's about knowing...and I would like to go 'home', if I had one. I have a vivid memory of my world being destroyed. I know I'm here for a reason, but then anyone born at this time is in fact here for a purpose. When all is said and done, we'll all be where we're supposed to be, and we'll do what we're supposed to do. Many of us will take the journey to another plane of existence, but of those left, there will be much that needs to be done to rebuild earth and help to heal both ourselves and the earth. This whole scenario is done so that we may learn, so that we may see how we create, that we may learn balance as well as to learn that we are all one, even with the universe.

People, as a general rule, do not seem to have respect for themselves or nature. They have become so materialistic, and are neglecting the spiritual aspect of things. There is nothing wrong with being materialistic, as long as they are also spiritual. One must be in balance if one is to become whole. I'm not talking about religions here, there are too many of those already. As Karl Marx once said, "Religious suffering is, at one and the same time, the expression of real suffering and a protest against real suffering. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people." Religion is definitely not what we need. Especially in light of the fact that people use religion to control the people and teach of a vengeful 'god'.
I do believe in a Creator God, but I also believe that we are physical expressions of god, and that we are spiritual beings experiencing a physical 'reality'. Since we create our own reality, both personal and collective, we have to be in a human or other physical body. Everything we think, whether individually or as a whole, changes our reality, and creates what we think.
I know some of you think this is a bunch of BS, otherwise why haven't you won the lottery or what have you. It's because you doubt your ability to do so. You know what you want, you want to win the lottery, for instance or whatever. So you take action by buying a ticket, in the instance of the lottery. Then you see yourself as spending the money, you know what you'd do with it. But then instead of just letting it go, you immediately start to doubt. Yes you do too!!! You think, "Who am I to be lucky enough to win the lottery?" See? You do, hell, we all do that, until we learn different. I too am still learning.
I believe there is a god/dess inside of each of us. I think we are to learn how to utilize this power/creativity, this divine god-given right. I also don't care if anyone else agrees with me. I'm busy creating my reality, and I don't have time to care if someone else agrees or not. That is your prerogative. Now, back to the subject of 2012.
In or around 2012, there will be major geophysical earth changes. I dreamed, on the 27th of this month, that CA was falling into the ocean, there were earthquakes and volcanoes erupting. There was much loss of life. I was told about Jacksonville, FL the night before it was flooded. It seems as if I'm getting more hits now, I've known 'something' will happen, time and time again, but usually not what or where. I'm getting to the point that I know what, and where, but not always when. Although my migraines drop back to the regular level as soon as the earthquake happens. Yes, I have headaches everyday, some are migraines, some are stress...I rather think it is because it is one way to make sure I pay attention to what is going on, because when it is particularly bad, then I know without doubt that there is one somewhere. And yet, I don't have migraines for each individual earthquake, although I suppose you could argue the point that maybe I do, since I always have headaches. I have recently even known how bad the earthquake would be, and where that one would occur.
In 1992, I dreamed of an asteroid heading toward earth, there was a 'preacher' there who had a 'church' right across from the kitchen end of the trailer I lived in. He would only allow 'Christians' into the church in order to avoid the asteroid. When I looked into the church later, the only people there were the homeless, drug users, and alcoholics. There were no 'true Christians' there. The 'church' building was hit and much of it was destroyed. You see, we are all god's children, and the church is the people, not a building 'built by hands'. There have been many 'messiahs' who have come to earth to deliver messages and teachings to humanity, but most of their teachings have not been kept as they were, but rather they were changed to suit those in power who were corrupt, greedy and wanted a way to control the masses. How many times must you be warned or taught before you will listen? It is only common sense, but then that seems to be in short supply, and has been for so long. It's sad, really. That mankind, who claims to be a superior species, lets him/herself get into this kind of mindset.
Another subject, if you will, but related to all this. I know there are people who don't like me. So what? Is that supposed to hurt my feelings? Or stop me from saying what I have to say? It won't. This is part of my 'job', my 'contract' as it were. I don't think I'm a messiah, nor do I have a messiah complex. I have seen things about people, and I don't think they really appreciate it. If they would listen to what I have to say and use that knowledge accordingly, it might help. Besides, I'm not telling them anything they didn't already know. I know from past experience, most people want me to change, to stop what I'm doing. I've tried to 'please' those people, and the one who gets hurt is me. I'm fine with the way I am,I love myself, I like me and I'm not ceasing to do that for which I came to do. If you don't like it, there's not a damn thing you can do about it. Accept it, accept me as I am...just as I accept you as you are. I'm not asking people to like me, hell, I don't care if anybody like me, just let me be me.
With that, here's to wishing you all peace,

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