Monday, November 5, 2007

back in WV

Hi All,
I'm back in Charleston, WV and damn it sure feels good to be home. I really missed the mountains and the water. I live right across the road from the river, and it's easy to get to the mountains since there all around me.
I usually have panic attacks in stressful situations, but my bus trip here was really good, it was all a I ask for and more. I have a new guy in my life, who has already asked me to marry him, I have a new home which I'm currently setting up to my liking, by integrating my style into his, but then we are a lot alike.
I have a very dear friend in Phoenix, AZ whom I shall miss, but with whom I shall keep in contact. He means the world to me, and I appreciate the time he has been a part of my life, and I am both blessed and deeply in his debt for his many kindnesses. He has taught me much, both as a person and as a magickal practitioner. If you ever have the gift of his friendship, you are blessed indeed.
My new friend, whom I will soon marry, is also much like me. He is also part native american, and grew up much as I did, walking the mountains alone whenever possible. All these years since my divorce, I refused to marry beneath me...meaning that I hadn't yet found someone worthy of me...this man is. I almost, as many of you know, got married in Avondale, but he was killed in a motorcycle accident. This is the second man who was worthy of me. So we shall see. Even so, I will not forget my friends, and will remain in contact with you if you wish, you have but to keep in touch with me. Many people in AZ have given good times, sometimes tears, sometimes laughter. But one of the things I've truly learned is life is for living, not planning. I intend to enjoy my life and live it to it's fullest each day. Gods, but I love you guys for everything...even when you pissed me off. lol I wish all you well, and this is also for the ones whom I met in NM, you know who you are.
Peace and love,
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