Tuesday, November 13, 2007

too busy to share special moments? don't be

Hi All,
This is part of an email I received a few minutes ago. I wanted to share it. I hope you enjoy it too.
“Life is all about timing... the unreachable becomesreachable, the unavailable become available, theunattainable... attainable. Have the patience, wait it outIt's all about timing.” - Stacey Charter
Here's something I wrote one night recently -I feel like I've really let down my daughter...Her name is Madalina, my little princess. She's 6 years old and at that sweet age where she's constantly telling her mummy and daddy she loves us.Tonight I was babysitting alone and I love it, it's always a chance for me to act like a little kid again... play silly games and watch disney cartoons on the disney channel! Madalina was hypnotized by Mulan for about the 8th time in a month. I had one eye on the tv and one eye on the internet (as usual). Something caught my attention, it wasan article about a total eclipse of the moon happening tonight. Supposedly the moon glowed red! I told Madalina and obviously she wanted to stay up late to see it. There was no school tomorrow, and I could see she was excited so I agreed. It would be fun. She'd always had a fascination for the stars and the night sky... like her dad.Every quarter of an hour we'd run outside and see the moon slowly disappearing. She was getting excited. So was our dog Cass who didn't stop barking. I had a headache. It had just turned ten o'clock and I was needing some timeout after a busy day. I decided it was bed time for Madalina. She pulled a big frown, got ready for bed very slowly... and fell asleep within minutes. About half an hour later I remembered about the eclipse of the moon and went outside.The moon was glowing red. It looked surreal. And beautiful.And I felt guilty. Madalina had never doubted it would.
I thought about it for a second and then ran upstairs. I slowly tried to wake her. She half opened her eyes and look petrified. I told her the moon WAS red, but it was too late...
I had no chance of waking her completely without scaring her. She'd missed the red moon and I felt awful. A moment of magic a 6 year old may never forget. A moment of magic a 38 year old WOULD never forget...A moment lost forever? Maybe, but there's another eclipse of the moon next year and I learned some valuable reminders from Madalina - We need to be patient. We need to stay focused. We need to keep believing. Just like the red moon, the universe will deliver it's miracles. They're waiting to happen in all our lives. And the most important lesson I learned tonight -Life is about sharing magical moments. Sometimes we get so busy or stressed, we forget. -----------------
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