Tuesday, November 13, 2007

reincarnation...germany?, birth-ins/walk-ins, geophysical changes

Hi All,
I've noticed a pattern that has developed in my life over the last few years. For the longest time I didn't get along with anyone who was of German descent. I have no idea why this was so, but regardless of how well we got along, once I learned they were German, I didn't like them anymore. I thought perhaps this was because of Hitler, so I studied his life, looking into his psyche. Why was he so evil? Maybe he was just ashamed of being Jewish, and was trying to wipe out his true identity, by ridding himself, and thus the world, of Jewish people. But I finally came to the conclusion that sometimes people are the way they are just because they are, and there is no reason. At least none that was discernible to me. Then I started noticing that many of the people I met in the last couple of years are of German descent. I actually like them, love a couple of them in fact and one of them is my bestest best friend. He is German/Russian. The man I'm now with is of German descent. The last man I was in love with was German. OK, I ask myself, what gives here? Why did I dislike Germans so much and then make a complete turn around? Why did I dream of speaking in German and also in Russian? Was I born in Germany in a past life? Was I a sympathizer of the resistance? Was I ill-treated because of this? If this is so, it would certainly explain a few things, and it would mean that I have at last moved past that in this life.
And speaking of languages, I've always had trouble speaking English even tho I am in fact from an English speaking people. I didn't speak in English until I was almost three years old. My mom says I spoke in some language, but no one could understand what I was saying. A couple of nights ago, I was told that I spoke in Cherokee. I seemed to be having a conversation, based on the pauses I made between the phrases I spoke. I said "I'm here.", "I see the light.", "I'm tired, I need to rest." The first and last statements make sense, as I was tired, and still am, and I could've been saying 'I'm here' if I heard someone call me. The statement "I see the light" doesn't really make sense to me, unless I felt as if I were in a dark tunnel and was finally 'seeing the light at the end of the tunnel', so to speak.
While there are things bothering me, just things in general, I am rather content. For the moment at least. I work at making my life the way I want it to be, and I don't have a habit of letting people interfere anymore...they have a way of being taken out of my life when it seems as if they are interfering with my 'mission'. What is my mission? I've asked that before and not received an explicit answer, but rather hints. I've been told that when the geophysical changes happen, I will be 'put' where I'm supposed to be. So far, what I've needed, either in the way of helpful people or materials have been provided for me. The more I'm dedicated to learning what I need too, and learning about life creation...the easier it becomes to acquire what I need. When I arrived here, there was a laptop waiting for me. It's not just a piece of junk either, it's state of the art, even to being overclocked. As long as I do what they need me to, I'm taken care of. What would happen if I were rebellious? I don't even want to know, but then, I happen to like what I'm doing, so there is little chance of that anyway. "My people" are always there for me. I wish other people could have this kind of relationship with the Universe. I don't think I'm any better than anyone else, but I feel so loved by my people that sometimes it overwhelms me. I am very aware of the part they play in my life, they have always been here with me. I'm glad they are, it does make it easier for me. I know this sounds crazy, even to some of the people who know me personally. I don't care how it sounds, it feels right, it works for me and I intend on continuing with it. My relationship is on a very personal level with the Universe, and the Divine Will. The Great Spirit, the Creator God. We all come from the same source, and we are all pure energy. We are all connected, people, flora and fauna, Earth and Universe. These things work with us when we ask, those who are into magick know this. Some people know this instinctively, and some learn this later in life. When everything is in balance, it is the way it should be. But when it isn't, things must happen to restore the balance. Unfortunately, when it involves geophysical changes, it also means loss of life. Physical life for some, the spirit never dies, it just moves on. Imagine if you will, the ability to sit or even stand and converse with 'god', whichever one you worship and believe in. Do you honestly think 'god' cares so little for his creation that he doesn't have time to answer questions for us? Your parents do it all the time, even tho I'm sure there are times they wish you'd not ask so many questions...especially ones they have no answers for. God the Creator has the time. I am using the pronoun 'he', but god is neither and yet both. Make no mistake, there is a god, and there are gods, and they do have our best interests at heart. Why must we be ever so hard headed and not listen to them? Why must humans think they know everything and yet know nothing? You can't learn if you think you know it all. Why should they bother with you if you are unwilling to learn? Sit at the Masters' feet and listen, they are more than willing to teach us if we will but listen. A pitcher that is full cannot hold more, first it must be emptied. If you are a Christian, you know that in the Bible it says that we are 'children of the most high', and yet how many people, Christian and non-Christian alike actually believe it? They think it means something entirely different. If we are created by a God, then we are in fact children of God, which means that we have a God-spirit in us. We sure don't act like it.
I spoke earlier in this post of being tired. I am, I'm tired of a number of things. I suppose I'm also impatient. I want this to end. I want the balance to be returned to us, regardless of the fact that it will cost some their physical bodies. If this sounds cold, so be it. Since so few listen, it's almost a waste of time anyway. But a contract and compassion are binding. I feel for all of you, because of the way things are and also because of what is to come. It isn't your Christian Armageddon, but it sure may feel that way. You are so afraid of what is to come, and some are preparing a place to go to that you think is safe. It won't be. There will be safe havens to go to after it is over with, but there will be no free-loaders tolerated. All must do their part. When life has had enough of those who live as parasites, then balance will happen. The geophysical changes will happen. The consciousness of all will be raised, we will then know the truth. I have yet to have 'my people' tell me a thing that wasn't true. If they have told me something would happen, it happened. I embrace my decision to work with these beings, they are so much a part of my life, like my skin is part of my physical body. The physical body is a joy, but at the same time it is aggravating, because it is so limiting. Out of my physical body I can go where I need in the blink of an eye, but in my physical body, it takes me awhile to get there. I can feel things so much more intensely out of my body. I'm not from here originally, and I do remember some of my origins, so it does make it hard to live as a human. But it is also a blessing, because I understand humans, at least to a certain degree, since I have to live thru it in order to understand it, and I know what I'm working towards. There is no doubt in my mind about what I'm doing. I'm working to brings things into balance, between spirituality and being materialistic. There is nothing wrong with having things, it's when you let it be the only thing in life that is important to you that it becomes wrong. If everyone would change the way they think about things, it would be so much easier. You think 'god' is so far above you that he can't possibly be interested in what you have to say. Your father/creator is always interested in what you think and say. You also think that he doesn't care about you. He does, he loves you very much. You don't perceive it because you refuse to understand the truth about everything. He is as much a part of you as you are a part of him. How can you not love a part of yourself? I know, you think I'm referring only to the physical body. You look in the mirror, and see that you're looking old, or you're overweight. That is just part of you, it doesn't define who you are inside. If you were younger or weighed less, of course you'd feel and look better. But if who you are inside is only concerned with the outside, then you're a very shallow person anyway. Beauty that is inside shows on the outside regardless of what you look like. These are my truths, they are the way I perceive things...find your own truth. It is subjective, based on any number of things. And in the end, you shall see that all is truth, just different ways of looking at it. Your personal truth may tell you one thing, and someone else a different thing. I believe we are made in the image of god, and I think he doesn't like to be bored, this is why he made so many different viewpoints. Or perhaps we just learned a great many viewpoints. Either way, god gets to experience our truth, and in the end we get to experience his. After all, turnabout is fair play, is it not? This is so god can understand why we make the decisions we make, and we can understand why he makes the decisions he makes. Would you rather have a god who makes decisions based on only what he thinks? That wouldn't be very just. You must sometimes live it to understand it. I've been there and done that. It is just something I've had to do at times when I didn't understand something. We are meant to live in balance, we are meant to have fun and really live, in the present, since life happens while we plan. We weren't meant to live with so many hardships, but due to not listening, due to refusing to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions, we live as we do. The hard way. We are all responsible for the way our lives are. You can't think and not have it happen, the more you think about a thing, the faster it comes to you. So many people are negative, and seek to blame others, even god, when it's themselves who are to blame. So many have a self-defeating attitude and don't even realize it. And yet, they will always come up with an excuse for it, or say they don't. If they didn't, don't you think things would be better? For them and for everyone else. You reap what you sow. You sow by planting seeds, in this case the seeds are thoughts. You are what you think. If you think good, then you'll reap good. If you think bad, then you'll reap bad. We are the weavers of our own creation, our web if you will. We are like magnets, attracting to ourselves what we send out, like a boomerang, it comes back. We can change our lives by changing our thoughts, it may not be easy at first. Bad habits are hard to break, even thinking habits. But you can do it. I'm not saying it's easy, but I am saying it can be done.When you find yourself thinking a bad thought, cancel it out. Even so, it's your call, do what you like. I'm going to keep talking to my people, and I know they'll answer me, they always do. They watch over me like a mother watches over her newborn. We, they and I, chose this path that I'm on together. It has taken me a long time to remember this, but it is so. I thank them for being so patient with me. I am ready for what is about to befall us all. There are other people out there who are like me, and when we're needed, we'll be ready. We can do no less. It is why we are here, and it was why we were created. We chose to fallow this path because we knew that one day the earth must be restored to balance. You may not like us as we are, I know there are many who either do not like me or what I stand for, but they might appreciate the irony of it one day. Those who do survive, when they have to call upon us to help them to survive. There will be a full accounting. We watch, we wait, we prepare, and we're here. We are here to help you, so please, let us do our job and stop interfering. We mean no harm to anyone, we're sent here for you. To save your butts. We don't necessarily like being in a human body since it's so limiting, but we do have great compassion for humans. We all come from the same source, the same Creator God. So how does all this fit in with reincarnation? Some of us have been here a very long time, in different reincarnations. I wish all of you peace and love, health and happiness. Most of all I wish you love.

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