Sunday, December 30, 2007

another year gone already...

Hello All,
It seems as if I've not been writing much in my blog lately. I've been busy with other things. Like learning to run openSUSE. This is the umpteenth time that Linux has saved my butt, when it comes to getting a pc to work. This is one time I'm not going back to Windows. Besides, Linux has a windows system if you're more comfortable with point and click, but I also like working at the console. This is the third flavor of Linux that I've run, and I must say so far, it's my favorite. I've tried Red Hat, and I've run Slackware, both of which are good, But I'm sticking with openSUSE for now. All the software you want is free, I haven't paid anything for any of the software I'm running, even the extra packages. And unlike windows, you can 'tinker' with the kernel and make it do what you want. They even use some form of Linux on the space shuttle and in some remote controlled vehicles...forgot where I read that.
I've learned a lot this year, in many areas. I'm still continuing to learn, as are all others. That's one of the wonderful things about life, it allows us to learn continuously, even from our mistakes. Sometimes, we even get to right the wrongs we've done to others, or that others have done to us. This is great!
I wish all of you a prosperous, and peaceful New Year.
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