Sunday, January 27, 2008

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Hi All,
It's good to be back. I stopped writing for awhile because of something something someone had said to me. This person, a few months ago, hinted that I wanted him to buy me a new pc. I'm kinda like the song, "Long Haired Country Boy", "...if I can't get it on my own." I'm not in the habit of asking friends to buy me things. I prefer to think of a way to get it on my own. This was back a few months ago when my pc went down for around two weeks.
It's simply mind over matter, if I don't mind it don't matter. I don't mind now, so it don't matter. Yeah, I realize these last few sentences were bad English, but so what? I don't care. I had a point to make. Furthermore, there are some people who have come into my life who called themselves friends, and were nothing even close to resembling a friend. If you don't know what a friend is, I'm sure not going to be the one to teach you.
I have one good friend here, and I have a bestest best friend. You know who you are. And I get email from a pretty good friend, and a phone call occasionally from another one. These four people do know about being a friend.
Damn, I sound as if I'm angry. I'm sorry, I'm not angry. Well I sorta am, because I've let one person keep me from doing something I enjoy. It's time to get back into the swing of things. I intend to start writing in this blog more often. I use this blog as a medium for coping with stress, anger, disappointment, happiness and whatever else is happening in my life.
This was of course my own fault, I didn't have to let someone deprive me of this happiness. It was my choice. But I'm back now.
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