Thursday, January 31, 2008

chaffing at the bit, and other things

Hello All,
I was just thinking a little while ago, about a number of things. My hips hurt, and I know that when people cease to be physically active, they tend to lose the suppleness they once had. I've usually made sure that wherever I lived, I didn't have to depend on anyone for anything. I could go to the store, post office, library or wherever without asking anyone to take me. When I was in NH, I had this same damn problem. They live five miles from the nearest town. When I moved back to WV, that problem was taken care of.
Since I moved southwest, I've had the same damn problem. When I lived in Huntington I had that problem. In Charleston, I didn't even have a key to get back in, but then he's so much of an idiot he'd not have given me one anyway, besides which he's paranoid of everything.
Every time I live with someone else, I have this problem. I'm used to going somewhere when I'm ready to go. Just walk out the door and go. Even in NM, I had this problem.
I am used to being physically and mentally active. I'm used to reading, a lot! I'm used to calling the shots on when and where I go. Now, I live too far away from most places, and most of them I have absolutely idea where the hell they are anyway.
The less active I am, the more bored I get. It seems as if most of the people I know are either working, (which is good), watching TV or reading emails. Damn! Man, these people need to get a life. That's how it's been most of the time since I moved here to AZ. This is not my idea of living, it's no wonder I'm so freaking depressed so often, or so freaking bored out of my mind. This is not a good thing, because I make really stupid mistakes when it's like this. Being physically and mentally active keeps a person young, in mind, body and spirit.
You ever watch kids? They have an argument, then a few minutes later, they're playing again. Adults should be like that. I don't cut people out of my life just because they piss me off. So they shouldn't cut me out of their life just because I chose to say no to what they wanted me to do. I know what is in my best interest, and that just wasn't it.
I know this post will hurt some people's feelings, and it will piss others off, because they will take it as a personal front on them. It isn't meant that way. This is about me, how I feel and most importantly, why I feel that way. We're all adults here, people, so start acting like it. You need or want something done? Then do it. You want to do something? Then go do it. Stop letting things and people stand in your way. That's so adult. I started to say that's so childish, but kids don't let things stand in the way. So I need to go back to a few old habits of mine, such as if go around it, over it, under it, or thru it to get there. I haven't met a gate yet I couldn't get thru, or a wall I couldn't remove out of my way.
If none of you understand this, then you need to stop kidding yourself that you understand me, and start asking the right questions. I will answer, but only if you ask.
P.S. I don't lead, nor do I follow. I make my own path. Always have, always will.
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