Sunday, August 24, 2008

dreams, apache server...

Hello All,
I've had another one of "those" dreams. If anyone cares to comment on the dream, feel free to do so. I can always delete them, now can't I?
OK, so here's the thing. I've had this dream before a number of times. And it's always a little different each time. It usually has a different external look, but inside, you can feel it's the same. The house may look small, medium or quite large. It doesn't matter. It's always is much larger inside than it appears outside. There are parts of the house that always morphs into another direction or area. There are hidden passageways, and hidden stairways inside. If you aren't fast enough to get out before the shift, you're caught there. I have been having this dream for a number of years now. It feels kike evil the farther back into the house you go. It looks just like any other house. In the largest house, which was the first dream that I associate with this house, there's a large chandelier in the entryway where there is also a spiral staircase.
I know this dream means something, but I don't totally know what. Any comments?

Second subject is Apache Server. WOW!!! I just installed it last night, and it works great. I like it. I've wanted to play around with it for a long time, but just didn't take the plunge. Working with it is awesome.
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