Sunday, September 28, 2008

balance, and pet peeves

Hi All,
There must be balance in our lives if we are not to burn out. Life is more than just work, or having a lot of 'free' time. Work must be balanced with play, or some type of recreation.
I try really hard to lead a balanced life. Speaking of which, one of my pet peeves is that someone agrees with me that I'm right, but does nothing about it, then continues to bitch and whine about it. Why waste your breath when you're going to do nothing about the thing you're bitching about.
I'm going to start being what I am. I'm going to find that balance that is missing. There isn't much missing from my life, that I want in it I mean, but I intend to call that to me which I feel I'm missing. I will change that which continually henders me. I shall no longer stand by and live as others want me too. If there is anyone at fault here, it is my believing that which is designed to mislead, and also the willingness to believe the best of people. I have chosen to live my life the way I choose. As someone once said, "damn the consequences, full speed ahead." I have at times been afraid to do that which needs to be done, but I shed those chains that shackle me.
Let the ties that bind, ravel and unwind.
Let these chains of fear,
leave me now, thrice around
and sink down into the ground.
Let my wings unfurl,
To the skies I will arise,
My spirit, I set free.
As I will, so will it be!

Now, that is done...
I will only say that it feels great to be free of the cumbersome chains that I have allowed to hold me back. Now, I let my sense of right guide me, even more than before. I have always tried to do what was right. But I usually chose what was right for others. Now is my time, and I intend on doing what is right for me...although if I can temper it with what is right for all concerned, then I will. But I shall prevail in all these things.
"Let there be peace."
"Let there be love."
"Death is but another door, think before you knock."
P.s. Life is too short each time around to even consider suicide. Been there, done that. So, I'm finally free of that. I rejoice in life."
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