Saturday, September 27, 2008

tired all the time?

Hello All,
Are you tired all the time? There could be many reasons. Lack of proper vitamins, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, lack of exercise, depressions, etc. I'm nota doctor, and I do have chronic fatigue syndrome, so I know how it feels to be tired. But there are other reasons that one may be tired. If you work all the time, sleep all the time, or watch TV all the time, maybe that's the reason?
Life isn't meant to be all work. Nor is it meant to be watching TV or sleeping all the time. ere must be balance. We all need balance in all things. There are checks and balances, you know.
If I spend all my time in front of the PC, or TV and not do something physical, other than cleaning house, I will be tired. My mind has no outlet for all the things it's doing, and therefore, I will be tired. We need physical exertion in order to free our minds, to refresh our spirit. Otherwise, we might as well be comatose.
It's almost 7 am, and I've been up since 2 this morning. I wondered why I couldn't go back to sleep. I need more physical exertion. I love working with the PC, and I have many other things I also like to do. But, even so, I need a break from all this. I'm not happy with this scenario. I hate it when I'm too tired to do anything, and even if I'm not, my mate is. I wish he'd realize that life isn't just work. Where is the balance? I'm a Libra, my sign symbol is the balances. I need balance in my life.
Great gods above!!!
Let it be...
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