Saturday, September 20, 2008

Merlin, the Quest for the Holy Grail, and the betrayal of Merlin

Merlin lived a long time ago. And there are some who think he was a myth. All myths and legends are based on truth. Someone's truth. He was betrayed, they say by his half sister. Their son later was the one who caused the demise of Camelot. Speaking of which, at one time, while John F. Kennedy was president of the United States of America, his reign was spoken of as Camelot.
I have a theory about the legend of Merlin and his betrayal, and about the Holy Grail. Merlin had lived a long time, and his time was fast passing. Perhaps he wanted to take the journey that is called Death. So his betrayal may have not been a betrayal at all. It might have even been an ingenious plan. Mankind must search for the Holy Grail, and if Camelot were to be in evidence, man would cease to search. The search for the Grail must always be within, not without. And yet people continue with the quest as if it were a physical cup. We need look no further than inside our own hearts. We always know what is right and true, but so many are caught up in the day to day minutia of living, that we forget the truth stares us in the eye every time we look in the mirror. We know, we just don't realize that we do. It's as if we have some type of amnesia. So we seem to be on an eternal quest to find ourselves. Our true selves, why we're here and what is expected of us, both collectively and individually. This is our true quest, this is the true Holy Grail. We are sons and daughters of the Creator, the One True God. This has nothing to do with religion, or even our beliefs. Although I surmise that we would believe differently if we all remembered the truth, and the reason for our journey thru life.
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