Saturday, September 6, 2008

time running out?, etc...

Hi all,
I have a new website for my personal pages. So, anything new that I post will only be on ravnone1
I'm working on many things now, which includes spiritual work. I've been having thoughts and dreams about 2012. I'm not panicking, nor am I afraid. But I know things are starting to happen. To many things are starting to fall into place now. I was told years ago, around 1992, that "the schedule has been moved up." I believed at the time that it meant that things would happen sooner than it had been thought to be, and I'm still of that opinion.
I'm glad things have happened in my life as they have; life's lessons are the best way to be prepared for life itself.
There are so many things happening now, and yet as much as we either know or at least think we know, there are still more things to come, I believe.
I'm working on a document that I'll place on my personal home page, when I have it finished. Hopefully it will be done within a couple of weeks.
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