Saturday, October 18, 2008

the ocean, webpage updated

Hello All,
I updated my website yesterday evening, and added a few pages. I also have been thinking about the ocean a lot. I feel an intense need to go there.

I want to feel the silky water on my skin
the sand beneath my feet.
I want to feel the ocean wind against my face
and playing with my hair
I want to see the water as far as I can see
and feel the ocean communing with me
I want to walk upon the sand
and see the water play about my feet
I want to see the sun or moon
reflected upon the waters' face
I want to see the ocean
resting in it's place

I really do want/need to see the ocean soon. Maybe before we head to Texas, we can go. I can see it in my minds' eye, as clearly as if it were before me, but that is like being hungry and seeing a meal, but not being able to eat it.

Enough for now.
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