Saturday, October 18, 2008

killer waves, movies, dragons...

What do killer waves, movies and dragons have in common? The movies I caught for the last couple of days have been about killer waves, or tsunamis, and dragons. Not together, of course. The waves were on the east coast, where they don't occur unless there is an earthquake. I've been reading about a dragon(s). I must say tho, I'm rather surprised that there hasn't been any 'killer waves' on the east coast. I have noticed that in the movies, and even sitcoms, which I very seldom choose to watch, there seems to be a recurring theme. Whenever I see certain things in movies, it usually isn't long until the same thing, (or some similar), happens in 'real life'. It shows up in the news. Why this should happen, I've no idea. It's rather like seeing it rain before it actually does. Which I do often.
I suppose I just wanted to chat a bit. If anyone who reads this has a comment or questions, please post. Or send an email. It will be answered. Just put 'blog' in the subject if it's an email, that way I'll know it's in response to something written here.
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