Thursday, January 29, 2009

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Hello All,
I think sometimes I feel like a Gypsy. I seem to have moving around a lot in the last few years. I suspect I'm searching for something. I know that reality is what we make it to be. I know that we are all surrounded by illusions, smoke and mirrors. We are all here to learn that we are the sons and daughters of the Creator. Therefore, we must come to the realization that we do co-create our reality. Because we have always feared the unknown, we allow others to be in control of our reality. We allow the day to day minutiae to come between us and the truth.
I've no doubt there will be an Apocalypse coming in 2012, if not before then. If mankind can only learn the truth and change his consciousness by going thru intense physical trauma, then that is how it will be.
I heard many theories about what will happen. I'm sure there is truth in all of it, because we order our reality with our thoughts, faith, belief, perception, and words. If I choose to believe that the grass is purple or orange instead of green, who is to disprove it? Instead, they try to say we're insane. reality There are people who taste sound, there are those who taste color. There are people who hear color. So why should seeing grass a different color be any different? All things that happen, do so for a reason.
I've noticed there are lessons in all things, at least for me. One of the things I've recently learned, in the last couple of days is so simple. When I'm wearing my jeans and tshirt, I look great. But when I'm nude, I look entirely different. The lesson is simply that appearances are often deceptive. What appears to be, might not really be.
So, while people may be afraid of what is coming, I don't think we should be. I think we should embrace what is coming. We will all know the truth then, and as Jesus Christ said, "Know the truth and the truth will set you free." Why shouldn't we rejoice about finally knowing the truth? We need not worry, after all, the thing we worry about is something that may not even happen. I personally don't like surprises, because in my past, some of them weren't very pleasant. So I've often let that color my perception of how things are. I am letting go of my past. We really can't afford to let the past interfere with our life of now. Although if time is truly irrelevant, we live in the now, all the time. This does make sense. "Yesterday is the day that is already gone, tomorrow is the day that never comes, and today is the day that is always here." My daughters once asked me the difference between yesterday, today and tomorrow. The preceding answer was what I gave to them, and they totally understood it. At the time. I wondered how to answer that question. The answer I gave is the one in quotes.
The answers will come to us if we but ask. We have an incredible amount of power in our lives as long as we don't give it away. Which is one of the things we are always doing, and not always for our good. I'm not saying we shouldn't follow rules, nor am I saying we should be without law, and having said that, I'm saying that we give our power to our parents, our churches or other religious leaders, our government, our husbands, wives, lovers, siblings, etc. I'm also saying that we have a responsibility to ourselves to keep our power. We empower others by empowering our selves, in order to live as we should. We can all be in control of our own lives, and yet allow others to live as they wish.
I have always believed there is a Divine Spirit in each thing that was ever created, all that came before, all that is now and all that will ever be created. Therefore, I also see all things as sacred, and as being connected, at even beyond the cellular level.
For this reason, I have called myself a witch or a pagan, now I think it is better to find a different name for myself. Because what I believe goes way beyond that. I remember when I did my self-initiation, I heard a voice call me Starwalker. I think this is because we are all one, and when I initiated myself, I consecrated myself to the entire Universe. Perhaps this doesn't even belong in this article, but if you understand where I'm coming from, then you might peceive what I'm saying. I am what I am, and I will be what I will be. I love all things, and yet I, like most people, don't always act like it. I love the mountains for their always changing nature, as well as their stability and strength. I love the trees for their beauty, their strength and their flexibility, which allows them to be even stronger. I love the water for it's power and it's ability to always take the path of least resistance. Oh, the lessons we can learn from nature if we but allow it to teach us. All things are sentient, in the manner of knowing a divine power and that it is within each. In the manner of recognizing it's Creator. We, as a race (meaning the human race), are stubborn, and we lack knowledge. Yet we are afraid of the unknown, and as such we refuse to look at the fact that there is more to life than we are often taught. The most important things learned are often learned from nature, or vision quests. And yet some of us are on vision quests, of a sort, without even knowing it. We are always on a journey.
I think one of the things I'd like to address is the concept of love. I'm waxing philosophical now, but it is nevertheless how I feel. I think at one time, although we loved deep and hard, we had the ability to let go and rejoice when a loved one took the journey to the other side. Death is a part of life. And yet if someone we love dies, we often feel as we are falling apart. As if we have very little to live for. This is not true! We have much to live for, and have much to pass on to others. The person who died hasn't left us, but they did leave the physical body and move to a different dimension. We may no longer see them as we once did, but that doesn't make them any the less real. We are to love unconditionally, accepting others as they are, and accepting the fact that they have moved on to a higher plane of existance. They haven't gone to heaven or to hell, just back to the Creator. We all make our own heaven or hell. I've heard people say that hell is here on earth, and sometimes it certainly seems that way. It only exists in our mind. There is one power in the Universe, and it is good. We perceive a negative or evil power because someone, somewhere, at sometime decided that we would be better off if we had a leader to follow. Now I'm not saying it's a bad thing to follow someone, except when that someone decides he/she knows what is best for all. What if they don't have your best interests at heart? What if they only want to take what you have? In the beginning of time, when man no longer remembered where he came from or what he was, he lost understanding of the forces of nature and became afraid. Gods were created to explain these things. You made someone angry, or committed a 'sin', the gods were angered. They must be appeased. This is where the idea of an evil god came from. We have perpetuated the idea ever since. We give part of our power to that idea when we think about evil and blame bad things on him.
We are so close to the changing consciousness that we have all returned to the earth plane at this time to both remember our true heritage and to help others with the transition.
In closing, I'd just like to wish everyone...
peace, deep and lasting...
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